These are some of the best indoor exercise apps

How will you be keeping fit at home? (Photo: Shutterstock)How will you be keeping fit at home? (Photo: Shutterstock)
How will you be keeping fit at home? (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Keeping active has a wealth of benefits that extend beyond general fitness, with regular exercise having a positive effect on your mind, helping to boost your mood, reduce stress and improve sleep.

While the government is urging people to venture out for one walk per day, and with gyms and leisure centres currently closed, this doesn’t mean your daily exercise has to stop.

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Exercising at home

Some people may have access to indoor gym equipment in their home, but for those who don’t, there are a wealth of alternative options to help you stay fit and healthy.

If you need a bit of motivation to get moving, using a fitness app could be the perfect solution. 

These fitness apps feature an array of easy-to-follow indoor exercise routines that cater for a variety of fitness levels. Simply download them onto your phone or tablet, and use them to keep your body moving while you are stuck indoors.


This app blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you to get faster and build your endurance the more you use it.

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Users can choose from a variety of training plans, such as group bike rides, including off-road circuits, cross country routes, and gravel roads, and an array of running races.


Fitbit Coach

This app is a great tool for those who have a Fitbit device.

The app recommends workouts that are tailored to you based on your daily activity, and it increases the intensity of the workout as you make progress.

Most of the workouts don’t require any equipment, so it’s ideal for use at home.

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Nike Training Club

Nike’s free training app offers access to four training plans, which span between four and six weeks.

The workouts don’t require gym equipment, and there are more than 190 to choose from, across strength, endurance, yoga and mobility.


Pocket Yoga

If you are missing your yoga classes while the gyms are closed, this app is a great alternative and offers detailed instruction guides through a variety of moves, against a background of soothing music.

The app features activities that cater for all levels, and is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Windows 8.

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This app features more than 30 new classes every week, in categories which range from strength training and yoga, to indoor cycling.

Expert trainers guide you through each workout, offering tips on technique and encouragement to ensure you succeed in your fitness goals.

The app is free to try for seven days, after which it is $14.99 (around £10.60) per month.


Asana Rebel

While this app mainly features yoga workouts, it also includes a number of other tools to help improve your health and fitness, including meditation sessions, music to help boost productivity, and calming sounds to promote better sleep at night.

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The yoga sessions are broken down into categories, including core work, toning, flexibility and tension relief, with each workout featuring a detailed description of what is in store.

New users can enjoy a 14 day trial before signing up, after which it costs £31 for three months.

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