Xmas weather: Will there be a "White Christmas" this year in Doncaster?

Will we be having a White Christmas this year in Doncaster?

Friday, 26th November 2021, 11:46 am
Christmas tree

It’s something we all dream of – snow on Christmas! It’s rare in Britain (let alone Doncaster), but when it happens, it’s magical.

Of course, it would make going to see your extended family somewhat more difficult. Then again, for some, this might be a blessing!

However, as of right now, it looks unlikely. The conditions are set to be wet and potentially stormy, which doesn’t bode well for the chances of snowfall.

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It’s worth noting what the Met Office defines as a “White Christmas”. They acknowledge its importance in British culture, with many traditional tales being set to the backdrop of a snowy Christmas (for example, A Christmas Carol).

For it to be classified as a “White Christmas”, there must not only be snowfall, but it must also stick to the floor and form layers. Basically, if you can build a snowman out of it, then it’s a “White Christmas”.

As it’s expected to be wet and windy this Christmas, snow sticking to the ground seems improbable. It’s very difficult for snow to settle in anything other than ideal conditions – a wet ground will cause it to melt and become sludge or water.

The last time snow on Christmas was recorded in Britain was in 2014, in northern parts of Scotland. It’s been much longer since it’s been recorded in Doncaster, however.

It’s certainly not impossible. Snow is much more likely to form when moisture in the air is low and the ground’s temperature is at or below freezing – we’ll have to wait and see.