Storm Dudley forecast: Will Doncaster be affected? Doncaster weather report

The storm is expected to hit the north of England and Scotland.

By jimmy johnson
Monday, 14th February 2022, 11:22 am
Heavy rain.

Originating from winds above the Atlantic Ocean, Storm Dudley is set to impact the UK this week – with Doncaster included.

Wind gusts of up to 90mph are expected to sweep across the north of England and Scotland, though some more southerly parts of the country will also feel the effects later on in the week (albeit to a lesser extent).

Some parts of the country are also at risk of snowfall and frost, though there is no evidence to suggest that Doncaster will be hit by this – this is only a problem for people in Scotland and the most northerly parts of England.

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The Met Office is currently issuing a yellow warning in Doncaster on Friday, citing concerns surrounding strong winds. If you will be out on this day, be sure to take extra care. While we’re not expecting a hurricane, you could be struck by small pieces of flying debris if you aren’t careful.

As well as Friday, the storm could also affect Doncaster on Thursday, though to a lesser extent – no explicit warning has been issued for Doncaster on this day as of yet.

Despite this, bizarrely, Doncastrians can expect a spell of warm weather on Wednesday. While it’s only expected to reach 13 degrees Celsius, this is much higher than what we have come to expect from this month.

Wednesday is also the day that Storm Dudley is estimated to be at its most rampant – therefore, Doncaster may avoid the worst of it, but care should still be taken.