Heavy rain in Doncaster: Doncaster set for week of downpour

From Monday to Friday, there is expected to be heavy rainfall in Doncaster this week.

By jimmy johnson
Monday, 27th September 2021, 10:59 am

Residents of Doncaster will rue the loss of the sunshine, replaced by a full week of downpour across the town.

Precipitation rates are expected to reach (or even exceed) 90% this week on multiple different occasions, with Monday morning being perhaps the heaviest shower Doncaster will face all week. Saturday will be the most dry day of the week, although light rainfall is expected on this day as well.

The rain isn’t expected to be constant, but will be potentially very heavy when it occurs. It’s a massive contrast to the weather we’ve become accustomed to in the last few weeks, so be ready for a change.

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Heavy rain caused flooding in South Road, Drayton in Portsmouth on July 26. Picture: The Bearded Explorer

Is this the end of the hot weather for 2021?

Unfortunately, it’s very likely that radiant sunshine and high temperatures in Doncaster will now have to wait until next year. However, the temperature is not expected to fall dramatically any time soon.

Temperatures for this week aren’t expected to drop below 12 degrees celsius (53.6 degrees fahrenheit) during daytime hours, so fears of an immediate cold snap can be quelled for now.

Despite this, it is also expected that the hot weather of around 20 degrees celsius (68 degrees fahrenheit) will come to an end this week where 2021 is concerned. It’s probably safe to put the sun tan lotion away for now.

Is it likely to flood?

While it doesn’t look like there will be enough rainfall to cause a flood, if you live in an area vulnerable to flooding, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for any scenario.

Flooding can be disastrous for your household. It forces you out of your home, can cost a small fortune with the damage it causes and is also capable of carrying potentially dangerous waterborne diseases.

Because of the risk it poses, you should consider taking action against flooding even at the slightest chance. Blocking doorways with sandbags is always a good idea, but you may have to take further precaution.

Make sure the drains and gutters are clear, so the water can flow through them without any blockages. If the water breaches your house, make sure to switch off all your electronics via the circuit breaker if it’s accessible to you.