'˜We want justice:' Doncaster man's plea to solve sister's '˜Jack the Stripper' murder 54 years on

A Doncaster man is calling for justice for his murdered sister 54 years on from her death at the hands of a serial killer known as Jack The Stripper.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 10th September 2018, 4:30 pm
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 4:36 pm
Murder victim Helene Barthelemy.

Helene Barthelemy was one of eight victims of a notorious killer who murdered his prostitute victims in London between 1959 and 1965 before dumping their nude bodies.

Now brother Charles Thompson has called for the investigation into the case to be reopened '“ as the killer has never been caught.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Mr Thompson, who lives in Doncaster, said: 'All we want is justice and information. The Metropolitan Police have failed to find the killer and are a million miles from doing so.

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'I would like some closure for our family and all the families of the other victims.'

Charles, now 65, last saw his sister alive when he was aged 10.

He told the newspaper that his sister had moved away to Blackpool and then had become involved in sex work in London in the early 60s, although her new life as a prostitute was unknown to the family.

Her naked body was dumped in alleyway in Brentford on April 24, 1964. She was 22 and had been strangled.

She was the fourth victim of 'Jack the Stripper' a killer who has never been found. The murderer is suspected of carrying out eight murders between 1959 and 1965.

All his victims were prostitutes working around London's West End and was given the name because of similarities to notorious London serial killer Jack The Ripper and a penchant for stripping victims nude.

The Metropolitan Police say Helene's case is still open, along with the seven other murders but they are not being actively investigated.

Author Chris Clark, a former policeman, is fighting to get access to the murder files in the hope they can shed light on the killer.

The killings were also known as the Hammersmith nude murders and other victims included Elizabeth Figg, 21, Gwynneth Rees, 22, Hannah Tailford, 30, Irene Lockwood, 26, Mary Fleming, 30, Frances Brown, 21, and Bridget O'Hara, 28.

Despite intense media interest and one of the biggest manhunts in Scotland Yard's history, the case remains unsolved.