WATCH: Is this the moment an angry ghost hurls a glass at woman inside haunted Sheffield pub?

This is the moment an 'angry ghost' was captured on camera apparently hurling a glass of red wine at a woman across a haunted Sheffield pub.

Tuesday, 13th March 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th March 2018, 12:30 pm
The glass (circled) flies off a table at the pub.

The shocking clip shows the moment bar worker Elaine Drabble was drenched as she enjoyed an after work drink at the Mosborough bar.

And Christine Thompson, manager of The Queen, where the footage was filmed, believes it is the latest in a series of ghostly goings on and hauntings at the pub which she says is home to a number of apparitions.

She said: "It was shocking. We were thinking ''oh my god' how did that happen? I can only presume that's the Queen's ghost or one of them, playing tricks on us."

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The glass (circled) flies off a table at the pub.

Christine and Elaine had sat down at the High Street pub with fellow colleague Catherine Turner to share a bottle of red wine at the end of a busy Friday shift.

Added Christine, who has been in charge at the pub for 25 years: "It had been a very busy night. We just wanted to chat and chill out before bed.

"The conversation became quite deep and Elaine was telling us all about some books she'd been reading about cruelty from the Germans at Auschwitz and everything. Things were quite deep and morbid.

"I think the ghost must not have liked what we were talking about and became angry."

The Queen at Mosborough has been the site of a number of unexplained ghostly goings on.

In the CCTV footage, Elaine's glass can be slowly seen moving across the table before flipping from the edge and showering her in red wine.

Added Christine: "People have said the table must have been wet but it was dry as a bone - I checked afterwards.

"It hit her in the chest. It was quite upsetting. You can see in the footage there's nothing near the glass when it moves."

She said: "Glasses leave that table all the time. Loads of customers have been showered in lager and whatever. It has happened about 25 times in the last year alone."

Queen manager Christine Thompson.

The clip was filmed at around 1.30am on February 23.

She said: "Some people have said its a soundwave moving the glass, others that the table was highly polished but by the end of the night it would have been sticky and dull.

And the latest haunting is the latest in a long line of unexplained goings on at the pub, which dates from the 1800s.

She said: "I've never seen or experienced anything myself, but plenty of customers and staff say they have seen strange things like they've had their hair pulled or their clothes tugged by an unseen figure.

These ghostly figures were caught on camera in the pub cellars during a historical inspection of the premises.

When an extension was being built on the pub in 1998, two builders using hammers to knock down a wall came running downstairs saying they'd seen a ghost.

"They told me they'd just seen a figure walk through the wall they were working on. These were two burly lads who were the type who don't scare easily and they refused to go back up on their own," added Christine, 61.

"They were scared to death and their faces were ashen."

On another occasion, a member of kitchen staff reported seeing a figure in a long black skirt and black lace-up boots walking through the pub - which Christine believes is the ghost of a school teacher.

"At one time, the pub was used as a school room and I've seen photos showing teachers in that kind of outfit so that would fit."

And she also has a photo from the pub's cellars which she says clearly shows four ghostly characters captured on camera.

The glass (circled) flies off a table at the pub.

"We had a visit from a history group who wanted to look around. They took some photos in the cellars and tunnels below the pub and when the pictures came back we were amazed to see a group of people standing there right in the middle of the photo.

"To me, it looks like members of the gentry alongside a bartender in an apron. Maybe it was one of those ghosts moving the glass?"

Despite the number of weird and wonderful goings on, Christine says she's not afraid - although some staff won't venture into the cellar alone.

"I find it fascinating," she added. "I'm not scared or nervous at all. I've been here 25 years and I think if they wanted to hurt me they'd have done it by now.

"I'm firmly convinced that these are spirits from the pub's past. I'd love to see one of them in person."

The Queen at Mosborough has been the site of a number of unexplained ghostly goings on.
Queen manager Christine Thompson.
These ghostly figures were caught on camera in the pub cellars during a historical inspection of the premises.