Warning to owners after 'young, fit dog' dies after walk at Doncaster beauty spot

Pet owners have been warned after a ‘young, fit dog’ died after a walk at one of the town’s most popular beauty spots for walkers.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 7th February 2022, 6:50 am

The unidentified breed died following a recent visit to Cusworth Park, according to a widely shared social media post.

The spot is one of the town’s most popular places for dog walkers, with pet owners coming from miles around to exercise their animals.

According to the post, the pet developed breathing problems as well as sickness and diarrhoea before its death.

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A dog owner has issued a warning after the death of a pet.

In a social media post headed ‘Warning Dog Owners, the woman wrote: “Just to let everyone know my sister's dog has died suddenly after walking in Cusworth Park.

"This was a young fit dog that has died.

The symptoms were sickness and diarrhoea and what appears to be breathing problems, leading to fluid on the lungs and sepsis.

"This happened very quickly and the dog was under veterinary care.”