VIDEO: Watch film of a trip through Doncaster in 1960

A clip from the 1960s film of Doncaster. Credit: d131458kA clip from the 1960s film of Doncaster. Credit: d131458k
A clip from the 1960s film of Doncaster. Credit: d131458k
Remarkable footage showing a snapshot of Doncaster more than 55 years ago is proving a hit online.

The film shows the construction of the A1(M) by pass in 1960 - with many recognisable shots of Doncaster caught on camera.

Shot on 8mm cine film, the grainy footage shows work on the stretch between Red House roundabout at Adwick and Blyth.

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The 15 minute clip shows the road in stages of construction as well as nostalgic footage of vehicles at the very beginning of the Swinging Sixties.

The section opened in 1961 and is one of the oldest sections of motorway in Britain - entirely two lanes in each direction and one of the region's busiest stretches of road.

Commenting on the video, which has been posted on YouTube by a user known as d131458k, Steve Copping wrote: "I always remember when we had family holidays in the North of England we had to use the A1 including this stretch of road featured here.

"I remember the roundabout at junction 34 (which we had to use to access this stretch of road) which was bypassed certainly by 2009/2010,the last time I had cause to travel on that road."

In response, the poster of the film wrote: "This film was past (sic) onto me be a friend who found it in a box in his loft. He has no idea who filmed it." 

Video credit: d131458k via YouTube.