VIDEO: Sheffield schoolgirl to tackle the government over animal cruelty

A schoolgirl super-campaigner is supporting a petition calling for animal welfare to be taught in all schools in England and Wales as part of a major RSPCA campaign.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 8th November 2018, 12:50 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th November 2018, 12:54 pm
Lucy Gavaghan
Lucy Gavaghan

The animal welfare charity rolled out its flagship scheme called '˜Generation Kind' last month which incorporates a set of ambitious, innovative projects that aim to foster kindness and compassion towards all animals within young people.

In the biggest animal cruelty prevention programme ever the RSPCA wants to create a future society that is truly kind to animals.

As part of this far-reaching programme the RSPCA is calling on the Governments in England and Wales to include animal welfare in education - and the Sheffield schoolgirl has helped launch the petition.

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Lucy Gavaghan, aged 17, who lives in Ringinglow, Sheffield, already has a successful track record in campaigning after she started a petition on her mobile phone calling for the supermarket giants Tesco, Morrisons and Asda, to stop selling eggs from caged hens and her tireless work paid off when all three announced they would go cage-free by 2025.

Now the Tapton High School pupil, who has a flock of rescue hens, is keen to back the animal welfare charity's appeal.

She said: 'Animal kindness is an incredibly important matter that really shouldn't be overlooked by the education system.

'It breaks my heart to know that so many animals are being treated with such cruelty at the hands of the people who are supposed to be caring for them.

'This is why it would be so valuable to implement early education surrounding the prevention of neglect and cruelty to animals.

Although many children live with well-loved animal companions of their own, many grow up without this direct contact. Subsequently, they may not understand or appreciate the needs and freedoms of animals. This is where education needs to step in to ensure that every child is made aware of how to treat animals and how to identify cases of potential cruelty.

'Having compassion could not be more valuable to society, and more must be done to secure the wellbeing and safety of animals now and in the future.

'In so many ways, education could be the key to this. Imagine if every child was given the opportunity to learn exactly how animals deserve to be treated - it might sound simple but the impact would be incredible!"

The RSPCA, alongside education experts, believe that teaching children to care for and respect animals from an early age can bring about positive change for children and animals and help to create a kinder world.

A video of Lucy talking about the campaign is available on this link: