VIDEO: Doncaster's Jeremy Clarkson says we should remain in EU - to make it easier to film his motoring shows

Doncaster motormouth Jeremy Clarkson has made a video urging voters to stay in the EU - because leaving would make it harder to film his motoring shows.

Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 2:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 2:53 pm
James May and Jeremy Clarkson say Britain should remain in the EU. (Photo: YouTube/Britain Stronger In Europe).

Clarkson and his presenting pal James May have released the clip ahead of Thursday's EU Referendum when Britain will decide whether or not to leave the European Union.

Standing in front of a map of Europe in the video, they warn that European countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland, are a 'waste of time,' explaining to viewers that they don't film in the country because of custom duties.

The short YouTube video showed the pair, who are filming for their new Amazon show The Grand Tour, attempting to put on a united front despite being known for their argumentative relationship.

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Clarkson and May said they were 'fond' of Europe and staying in the EU was one of few issues they agree on - along with the views that the Ford Mondeo is a good car and 'sandwich spread is delicious'.

'It's annoys me actually, I'll be honest, because I want to remain in Europe but that means agreeing with him,' Clarkson explains, motioning to his colleague.

May says: 'This is very uncharacteristic - we have to put aside the normal policy of our TV show and our relationship and agree on something apart from that the Ford Mondeo is a good car.'

Clarkson interrupts to add: 'And that sandwich spread is delicious.'

'We agree on sandwich spread, Ford Mondeo - the old Ford Mondeo, that is - and Europe, that's it. Those are the only things we agree on, nothing else,' Clarkson says.

Explaining why they want Britain to stay in the EU, Clarkson says: 'But we do want to stay part of this - quite apart from anything else making our TV show, which is called the Grand Tour and involves touring the world and a lot of Europe, if we weren't in Europe, we'd have to get a carnet made every single time we wanted to go to any one of these countries and that would take a hundred years.

'And cost a lot of money,' May added.

The 1.50 minute YouTube clip, published by the Remain campaign, was filmed on Thursday when David Cameron visited the TV stars in their studio in West London.

Clarkson, a controversial figure after his sacking from the BBC last year, surprised many by endorsing the campaign to stay in the European Union.