VIDEO: Doncaster Council green recycling lorry filmed dumping rubbish on busy road

A Doncaster Council green recycling lorry has been filmed dumping dozens of plastic bottles on one of Doncaster's busiest roads.

Monday, 9th May 2016, 7:15 pm
Updated Monday, 9th May 2016, 7:20 pm
The lorry is spotted spilling bottles on Wheatley Hall Road.
The lorry is spotted spilling bottles on Wheatley Hall Road.

The truck was spotted spilling its contents as it drove along Wheatley Hall Road last week by a bemused motorist following behind the vehicle as it shed its load of drinks bottles.


The lorry is spotted spilling bottles on Wheatley Hall Road.

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Drivers can be seen braking as empty fizzy drink containers spew across the carriageway near the Parklands Sports and Social Club.

The motorist who filmed the clip last Friday sent us the video and said: "Check this out. If we dropped litter we would be fined. Wonder if they will do.anything to their workforce?"

In the clip, the motorist who filmed the scene can be heard calling the driver of the lorry, emblazoned with the message A Greener Doncaster, a "f***ing retard" and adds "it's an outrage."

One car is forced to brake behind the lorry as the bottles scatter over the road in front of it. The plastic bottles can be seen pouring from the back of the lorry, with the truck driver seemingly oblivious to the chaos unfolding.

The lorry is spotted spilling bottles on Wheatley Hall Road.

Cabinet member for Communities, the Voluntary Sector and Environment, Coun Chris McGuinness, said: “It is clearly unacceptable for a refuse collection vehicle to be dropping litter onto the road, and irrespective of the fact that this was an unfortunate mistake we will make sure that the contractor, Suez, takes steps to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

"There will be a new waste collection service contract commencing in October 2017, and the council will be looking carefully at how waste is collected before letting out the new contract. If alternative methods could prove more efficient or prevent further incidents like this, then they will be considered.”

A spokesman for Suez said: “As an organisation committed to putting waste to good use, we are as disappointed as anyone to see one of our vehicles shedding unsecured recyclable materials and we apologise for this incident.

“We have since been in contact with the Council’s street cleansing teams so that action can be taken to clean up the litter as soon as possible. This cost of this work will be covered by Suez and not Doncaster Council tax payers.

“We are now undertaking an investigation to find out why doors, designed to prevent spillages, became unsecured and will carry out a training refresher for our drivers to remind them of our responsibilities when such incidences occur.”

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