Two Doncaster charities join forces to help female cancer patients

Two local charities, Aurora Wellbeing Centres and Eve Merton's Dream Trust have launched a collaborative programme. The programme will see both charities team up, to help ladies of Doncaster, suffering with the side effects of cancer treatment.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 1:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 1:34 pm

By combining their joint resources along with local businesses such as Debenhams, CAST theatre and Louise Prestwich, once a month they will treat a lady who is having an extremely difficult time or has a terminal cancer diagnosis to a day to remember.

Lynne Rothwell, co-founder of Aurora said ‘We understand the devastating effects cancer can have both on the physical and mental wellbeing and want to help and support people the best we can through these difficult times.

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We hope these days will give our ladies an extra special boost and both them and their families a lasting memory’

Today Eve Merton and Aurora welcome Sam Davies. Sam a loyal Aurora supporter has volunteered her time in the Aurora charity shop and appeared in three of their annual fashion shows. At 44 years old she is a wife and mother of two, was first diagnosed when she was 39 with breast cancer. She had an operation which was later followed by a mastectomy and chemotherapy.

Three years ago Sam was diagnosed with secondary cancer in her liver, lungs and bones and in April this year found she had a brain tumour and underwent further surgery. Following her operation surgery she stayed for a short period in magnolia lodge re learning to walk and care for herself.

Sam is now back at home with her family and is an inspiration to us all.

Martin Lawrence, co-founder of The Eve Merton Dreams Trust said, “The guys at Aurora were available to offer support for my mother Eve Merton during her own illness, so It’s a real honour to be able to team up with them now and help other ladies of Doncaster. Our thanks for this has to go to the staff of OneCall Insurance whose fundraising talents have put us in a position to offer this kind of ongoing support.