Three thousand Doncaster schoolchildren expected at concert

Ridgewood SchoolRidgewood School
Ridgewood School
Young people from Ridgewood School in Doncaster have been given the unique opportunity to present two concerts with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for Doncaster Schools.

The concerts, which take place on the afternoon of Thursday March 9 and the morning of Friday March 10 at The Dome, sold out within weeks with over 3,000 young people from many Doncaster schools set to attend.

The team from Ridgewood School have been working with the orchestra since December to produce the concert.

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Some of the team will be on stage presenting the show having prepared the script whist others will be providing the technical backup including lighting, vision and sound mixing. Another team will be managing front of house and stage management.

The key to the success of Sound Around is putting young people at the centre of the project and giving them responsibility for creating a major orchestral concert for their peers.

Eleven year old Summer, a student at Ridgewood School, is one of the Young Producers working in the Marketing and Communications Team producing the concert programme and looking after our VIP guests. “I’ve never seen an orchestra live before so it’s been really cool to meet some of the musicians from the RPO and to help organise these concerts. I’m looking forward to seeing if all our planning and work has paid off and to seeing what the audiences think. I’ve learned how to work as a team and how much work goes into producing a concert.”

Led by national music charity Orchestras Live, Sound Around is a unique and innovative orchestral touring initiative that brings orchestral music into the lives of young people aged 10 to 14 across England. Doncaster is one of six locations chosen by Orchestras Live to take part in Sound Around. It is targeted at young people who have had little or no access to a live orchestral concert experience, particularly children and young people with additional needs.