Three possible new health centres could be built under plans to revamp Doncaster’s family health buildings

Three possible sites could see new health centres built in Doncaster as part of a re-organisation of NHS practices in the borough.

By David Kessen
Monday, 11th February 2019, 9:08 am
Updated Monday, 11th February 2019, 9:12 am
CarolynOgle, Associate Director of Primary Care and Commissioning at Doncaster NHS Clincal Commissioning Group, with the Doncaster Primary Care Estates strategy
CarolynOgle, Associate Director of Primary Care and Commissioning at Doncaster NHS Clincal Commissioning Group, with the Doncaster Primary Care Estates strategy

NHS bosses are considering locations in Bentley, Mexborough and Rossington as possible sites to build new facilities as it looks to find the best way to house its GP services under plans to work more closely with other health services.

They are also looking to significantly increase the use of multi-million pound buildings which were built around 10 years ago under the Government’s public-private LIFT funding programme, with some operating while as little as 35 per cent full.

CarolynOgle, Associate Director of Primary Care and Commissioning at Doncaster NHS Clincal Commissioning Group, with the Doncaster Primary Care Estates strategy

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It comes at a time that the service is looking to work more closely with other service providers, such as carers employed through the council and other organisations.

But officials say is is unlikely that new buildings will be created at all three locations because of the potential cost.

Carolyn Ogle, Associate Director of Primary Care and Commissioning at Doncaster NHS Clincal Commissioning Group, said plans were being put together because health authorities were looking to co-locate NHS and council health services.

She added officials were also having to look at how they would cater for some major housing projects in the borough in terms of how they would provide GP cover for new residents.

The condition of buildings is also being taken into account in the Primary Care Estates strategy.

She said: “We will be commissioning an expert to come in and create an action plan in the next couple of months..

“The LIFT buildings are not well used, and we are doing work around that.

“Looking at Bentley, It has Bentley Health Centre and Bentley Surgery, which are not modern facilities. Bentley was originally due to have a LIFT building, but it never happened.

“We are looking at options there and the next step will be a feasibility study, which is imminent and has just been signed off.

“Rossington has already had a feasibility study carried out. There are two practices, but there has been significant house building. That  study does recommend a new build, but we will have to assess if we can afford both.”

It is possible that money for a building in Rossington may come from money paid up by developers who have been building in the area, under payments they make as a condition of planning permission for social facilities.

She added there had also been a new build scheme proposed had been in Mexborough, which had been put forward as a possibility by a third party developer. She said the two practices in Mexborough were felt to be in need of more space. Again, officials are looking at if the money to carry out the scheme would be available, but she said it was unlikely that all three schemes would happen.

Ms Ogle added that under the review, some of the LIFT buildings could see more services moved to their sites.

In the central Doncaster area, It is proposed to bring more services to the Flying Scotsman Centre on St Sepulchre Gate West, which currently houses a GP ractive and the dental access centre.

It is also proposed to increase the use of the Sandringham Practice LIFT building, on Sandringham Road, and the Martinwells Centre, on  Thompson Avenue, Edlington, which serves the south Doncaster area.

The document outlining the plans has been sent to all the GP practices in the borough.

The cost of the proposed improvements is estimated at £8.6 million, but it is estimated that it will cost £1.5 million in repairs and maintenance if no action is taken. Running costs will also be taken into account.

The document proposes a smaller but better-quality estate that better supports frontline services delivery.

It says as much as possible, services will be provided at home or in a community setting, by a range of organisations and providers working in collaboration.

If adds: “There are nine LIFT buildings within the Doncaster area developed 2006 to 2011. These properties hold various tenants including GPs and from space utilisation assessments could be better utilised.

“In addition to LIFT buildings there are also other large, modern and properties which, due to the associated lease or contract arrangements, will form part of the NHS estate for the long term. It is important that they are effectively utilised to maximise added value.

“The greatest gains can be achieved by addressing the void space in these strategic sites and aligning NHS PS, and RDASH sites to the clinical commissioning intentions for each locality.”






The Proposals

Doncaster Central

# Consider a feasibility study to identify options for co-location of practices in Edenthorpe

# Complete improvements to the Burns Practice and Kingthorne at Thorne Road

# More use of LIFT buildings at Flying Scotsman Centre and Sandringham Practice


Doncaster East

# Review the requirements for the practices in Armthorpe and Auckley and consider options for premises

development in a feasibility study.

# Identify opportunities for increased use of the LIFT buildings at Hatfield, Thorne and Moorends including the potential to co-locate additional services.

# Review buildings in a poor state of repair. CCG may need to consider the future of Barnby Dun’s GP building with consideration a new build or co-location with other public sector services.


Doncaster North

# Feasibility Study to consider options for Bentley, and possible £2.9million new building in the medium term.

# Appraisal to consider options in Mexborough. New building proposed by developer, and consider links with Conisbrough in  Doncaster South

# Identify opportunities for increased use of LIFT buildings in Conisbrough, Denaby and Askern including the potential to co-locate additional services.

# Review buildings in poor condition.


Doncaster South

# Feasibility study to determine options for premises development in Rossington and potential co-locations to meet housing; and longer term plan for £2.7m new building.

# Use Martinwells Centre, Edlington, to absorb impact of new housing estates.

# Appraisal to consider options in Conisbrough, with possible links to Mexborough.

# Agree potential joint approach with neighbouring Bassetlaw for care in Bawtry and run joint feasibility on options

# Identify opportunities for increased use of LIFT and other new lease buildings, potentially co-locating additional services.

# Review practices in poor condition.