Three churches in same Doncaster street smashed into by vehicles in matter of months

All three churches in the same Doncaster street have been smashed into by vehicles in a matter of months.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 28th March 2022, 10:50 am

Beckett Road has seen a string of crashes – and in every incident, a vehicle has been left embedded in the side of a church in the road.

On Saturday night, a car crashed into the side of Doncaster Evangelical Church at the roads junction with Wentworth Road.

Police were called to the scene late on Saturday to recover the vehicle which smashed into telecommunications equipment and a wall.

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All three churches in Beckett Road have been smashed into by vehicles in recent months.

It comes after St Mary’s Church in Beckett Road suffered damage to its fence in January after a collision involving two vehicles and a cyclist.

Pictures showed a van embedded in railings outside the church after damaging a telecommunications box.

And last September, a car crashed into St Andrew’s Methodist Church, also in Beckett Road, damaging fencing and a wall at its junction with Morley Road.