Brandon Flowers and his Killers band mates relaxed in specially constructed dressing rooms ahead of their Doncaster show.

The Killers in Doncaster: Photos reveal band's backstage secrets

The Killers relaxed in luxury, specially constructed dressing rooms and tucked into top notch food during their stay in Doncaster, it has been revealed.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 27th May 2022, 9:18 am

The band’s huge Eco Power Stadium concert in front of 25,000 people left fans buzzing following one of the biggest and best shows ever seen in Doncaster.

Now a roadie who helped construct the massive stage and spent days working behind the scenes at the American band’s Doncaster date has given a fascinating glimpse into the group’s visit to the city.

Nidge Nilsen spent a week with the band, describing building the mammoth stage which dwarfed the stadium as “a bloody nightmare.”

He also told how he fitted out dressing rooms with sofas and mirrors – with the band having five dressing rooms to relax in ahead of the show.

Building of the set started more than a week ahead of the concert, with cranes, trucks and dozens of workers brought in to help with construction.

He said: “It was an absolute nightmare, the guys on the stage roof were missing something so we were a day behind.

"It was the first time this stage has been assembled in the UK and it was for the first gig on the tour.

"We had lots of problems – at one point there were 150 bodies on site doing the work.

"But so proud they were in my home city.”

Dismantling of the stage began as soon as the concert finished and last night the band performed their second date at Bristol’s Ashton Gate stadium.

On Saturday, the tour will reach Coventry before dates in Southampton on Monday and Middlesbrough on Wednesday.

He added: “It’s now on its way to Coventry and I’m going to work at Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium next week.”

The band were able to relax in five separate dressing rooms, all equipped with luxury furniture, rugs, drapes and mirrors, while a local fishmonger supplied fresh fish for the band’s meals.

Added Nidge: “The dressing rooms - they had five, OMG - all kitted out with mirrors and sofas. Was just so rock n roll!”

And he also revealed a few insider secrets on one of the biggest talking points of Tuesday night’s spectacular show – the confetti and streamer cannons which helped add to the party atmosphere.

"What a show it was,” he added. “But those cannons were a proper ball ache to get right!” he laughed.

“And the sweeper uppers were so funny - as they were sweeping up, the wind was just blowing the streamers someplace else so they had to chase them around.”

Photos: Nidge Nilsen

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