Teenage boy injured in killer clown attack in South Yorkshire

The killer clown craze has spread from the UK.The killer clown craze has spread from the UK.
The killer clown craze has spread from the UK.
A teenage boy needed stitches after he was injured in a 'killer clown' craze attack in South Yorkshire.

He was hurt after someone dressed as a clown either struck him over the head or threw something at him, his friends and family claim.

They have posted a photograph of the teenager, with bandages covering his head and blood clearly visible, on Facebook, to spread the word about the attack.

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The incident, which happened on a path between Bargain Booze and Scarsdale Street, Dinnington, was reported to South Yorkshire Police last night.

A friend of the injured boy, who was with him when he was attacked, said the clown responsible was wearing a mask with orange hair and a red nose.

He was around 5ft 9ins tall, of a stocky build and was wearing a grey tracksuit.

It is also claimed that a clown chased a group of young children on a nearby street on the same night and that a pregnant woman and a toddler were recently chased by a clown in the area.

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South Yorkshire Police are also reportedly investigating claims that a clown with a baseball bat, travelling around Wickersley in a car with clown music blaring out, chased a group of children last night.

The killer clown craze started in America and is now being reported up and down the country.

It normally involves people dressed as clowns frightening people in the run up to Halloween but there have been reports of violence.

Posting on Facebook about the Dinnington attack, Nikita Hollis said: "They need to do something about this clown business - it's going way too far."

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Jade Hill described the attack as 'disgusting' and Marie Whearty said the culprit should feel 'ashamed'.

Helen Hutchison said the clown craze is 'getting out of control'.

Becca Wylie added: "This is horrible. Poor lad. There are some lowlifes out there trying to be clowns and scaring people. They need to grow up. I hope they find who did it."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.