Teachers, doctors, nurses and engineers are named as sexiest and most romantic jobs - while vets and scientists are worst

Engineers, nurses and teachers have topped a list of the world's most romantic professions.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 7th February 2017, 2:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:39 am
What's the world's most romantic profession?
What's the world's most romantic profession?

But it is bad news for vets and scientists who were named the worst.

After sampling more than five thousand customers, U Star Novels, who specialise in personalised novels for adults, have drawn up a list of the most popular professions for romance novel heroes and heroines, revealing the most romantic professions ahead of Valentine’s Day.

While your work certainly speaks volumes about you, partners of engineers and nurses look like they might be in for a lustful Valentine’s this year as these professions top the list as the most romantic professions.

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Compiling a list of the both the most popular and least popular professions of the customers who purchase their books, the company showed that engineers are the most popular profession for men, with scientists being the least popular. Results for women were just as surprising, with nurses as the most popular and veterinarian as the least.

“Whilst scientists tend to be willing to invest immense amounts of mental and emotional resources into what they love in science. The same can’t be said about their love lives,” commented Katie Olver, co-founder of U Star Novels.com.

“The romance genre would have us believe that we’re all swooning over super hot young doctors, brooding bad boys, or super hot dudes with hearts of gold, in reality it’s the smart and sexy engineers that women are romanticising about,” continued Olver.

And Olver offers some advice to the female veterinarian’s out there, “Despite saving cute little animals, perhaps veterinarians need to adopt some animal magnetism when it comes to romance, as they top most unpopular profession for heroines.”

Dr. Elliot Cohen who writes for Psychology Today says that simply lining up with a significant other in terms of interests, sex drive, and energy isn't the entire story. Compatibility is also about intellectual work, authentic relationships, basic values, and focusing on other people.

There are wonderfully artsy and dreamy aspects to any occupational field. But don’t forget there's also the not such glamorous side. For all the romance that goes with dating a super hot doctor, there are also the lonely nights when he's on call or doing long shifts into the night.

“As most people list the real-life profession of their partner or spouse when customising their personalised romantic novel, it really is an indication of how things play out in the real world. Which is a good sign if you are dating an engineer or a nurse, as I’d say you are in for a steamy Valentine’s this year,” concluded Olver.

U Star Novels’ top 10 most popular professions for heroes in their romance novels, include:

1. Engineer

2. Doctor

3. Actor

4. Teacher

5. Accountant

6. Soldier

7. Police officer

8. Student

9. Lawyer

10. Electrician

U Star Novels’ top 10 most popular professions for heroines in their romance novels, include:

1. Teacher

2. Nurse

3. Student

4. Accountant

5. Doctor

6. Housewife

7. Lawyer

8. Secretary

9. Office Manager

10. Shop assistant