Swan with fishing hook wedged in face is rescued from Doncaster lake

A swan with a fishing hook wedged in its face is recovering from its ordeal after being rescued in Doncaster.

By Darren Burke
Saturday, 26th February 2022, 3:05 pm

Wildlife experts from the Yorkshire Swan and Wildlife Rescue Hospital managed to capture the injured and distressed bird at Askern Lake after initially struggling to coax the bird to safety.

A spokesman said: “Attempts at capturing the swan at Askern were frustrated as the bird was disinterested in feeding.

"Alex and Dan returned with one of our rescue boats, and working with a local RSPCA inspector, managed to catch the swan.

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The swan was rescued after being found with a hook wedged in its face.

"The animal is now settled at the sanctuary and will undergo seven days of treatment before being returned back to the wild.”

Pictures show the bird with a fish-shaped hook wedged around its eyes and beak. It is understood the bird had been in distress for a number of days before rescurers managed to pluck the bird from the water.