Stealing carrier bags, putting make-up on while driving and beeping your car horn - the 35 everyday crimes committed by Doncaster people

You are breaking the law if you steal a carrier bag at the checkout.You are breaking the law if you steal a carrier bag at the checkout.
You are breaking the law if you steal a carrier bag at the checkout.
You might think you are squeaky clean when it comes to having a criminal record - but did you know you could be breaking the law on a daily basis?

The average Brit commits 32 different crimes every year - and most of us have no idea we are breaking the law.

From nicking carrier bags, putting make-up on in the car and dropping litter, there are plenty of ways you can technically get into bother each day.

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Some 98 per cent of us consider themselves law abiding - but swearing at other drivers on the road, pocketing change when given the wrong amount and fiddling expenses are all examples of "small crimes."

A third of people surveyed admitted they have been caught doing something illegal, and 83 per cent said they are sometimes not sure what is and isn't allowed.

On average, UK adults spot people doing something they shouldn't four times a day but just one in ten would ever confront the offender.

Below are some of the laws most commonly broken in the UK, according to the BT poll of 2,000 adults across the UK.

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Around two-thirds think many of the laws are completely unnecessary - although the same number admit they feel guilty if they break them.

How many of these can you tick off that you've done?

Top 35 small laws broken by Britons:

1. Drinking alcohol under the age of 18

2. Swearing or gesturing to other road users

3. Eating or drinking while driving

4. Parking partly on a pavement (illegal in London)

5. Cycling on pavements

6. Speeding while driving

7. Pocketing change when given wrong amount

8. Beeping a horn for any reason other than alerting traffic

9. Being drunk on the street, in a pub or in a restaurant

10. Changing a CD while driving

11. Having sex in a public place

12. Buying cigarettes under the age of 18

13. Dropping litter

14. Taking illegal drugs

15. Playing knock down ginger

16. Not wearing a seat belt on a car journey

17. Using a mobile phone while driving

18. Cycling without lights after dark

19. Parking on double yellow lines

20. Driving through a red light

21. Not paying for a carrier bag at a self-service checkout

22. Having sex before the age of 16

23. Watching television without a licence

24. Using someone else's wifi without them knowing

25. Smoking in a non-smoking area

26. Bagging an item at the self-service till without paying for it

27. Taking a child out of school for a holiday without the headteacher's permission

28. Not informing the DVLA of a change of name or address

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29. Not cleaning up after your dog has pooed on a public path

30. Cycling through a red light

31. Fiddling expenses

32. Sing a crude football chant in the street

33. Fishing without a licence

34. Parking opposite a junction

35. Putting on makeup while driving