South Yorkshire residents can now have their funeral procession in a converted Bentley hearse - and be buried underneath a racetrack

Classic car lovers can now make their '˜final journey' in the back of a vintage Bentley - after a funeral director converted it into a hearse!

Wednesday, 14th September 2016, 11:56 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 3:37 pm
The converted Bentley hearse.

The unique 1948 Bentley MK 6 Special has been adapted to include a coffin in place of where the passenger seat should be.

And the company behind the creation is even offering to bury you on the run off of a race circuit, as one of their burial grounds near Gainsborough is part of an old airfield next to a driving circuit.

The bespoke vehicle was created by Gordon Tulley, owner of Gainsborough-based Respect Green Burial Parks, who drew inspiration for the idea from his time working in the automotive industry before becoming a funeral director.

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In a statement detailing the unique vehicle, the company said: “Those who are now looking for a rather stylish and unique ‘final journey’ can truly choose something different and they can even have a matching coffin personalised with photographs.

“Close up and personal, we can now even draw the vehicle up right next to your graveside service.” “This Bentley is a 1948 special with all original chassis and running gear with a great history and pedigree having been on most European circuits.

“The bier which carries the coffin is from a 1912 Viceroy Carriage and suitable for most coffin sizes with its additional adjustable frame.”

The firm added that while the hearse is “not for everyone”, for those who are motoring enthusiasts it is sure to “rekindle memories of the past” for their friends and family.

The unique design has just scooped the company the ‘Best Alternative Hearse’ award at the recent Good Funeral Awards at Porchester Hall in Bayswater, London.

Judges described Gordon as a ”restlessly entrepreneurial innovator in the funeral business” and added: “In launching his vintage Bentley hearse, Gordon has married his love of motorcars to his commitment to offering bereaved people imaginative ways of personalising the send-offs of their loved ones.”

A spokesperson for the awards ceremony said: “With our distinctive British sense of humour we can celebrate those people who do outstanding work for the bereaved.

“Since 2012 we’ve been recognising the great work of the country’s best gravediggers, embalmers and funeral directors.

“The ceremony is a bridge between the general public and the much misunderstood funeral industry.

“We’ve championed the entrepreneurs, pioneers and progressives.”

For more information about the Bentley hearse visit or ring the office on 01427 612992.

The unique Bentley hearse.