South Yorkshire police officers banned from having tattoos on display

A tattoo artist at workA tattoo artist at work
A tattoo artist at work
South Yorkshire police officers have been banned from having tattoos on display - to look more 'professional'.

The ban was introduced by police chiefs last month as part of a change in force policy.

CRIME: Investigations launched into eight murders in South Yorkshire so far this yearBosses believe that for some members of the public, tattoos can 'diminish the confidence' they have in police officers and staff.

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POLICE: Man's body found on Sheffield estateIt is not yet know whether the South Yorkshire branch of the Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers, objected to the ban.

COURT: Violence erupts at South Yorkshire working men's club after woman attempts to give punter a massage, court hearsA South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Our appearance and standards of dress are an important display of our professional image.

"We recognise the prevalence of body art in modern society and the right of each individual to make their own choices about their appearance.

"We are cognisant however, that for a cross section of the public we serve, visible tattoos can serve to diminish the confidence they have in us as public servants.

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"A revision to our policy requires public-facing officers and staff to cover visible tattoos at all times.

"Appearance and standards are crucial to delivering and demonstrating a professional service. The change in policy, implemented at the beginning of June, was decided by the Chief Constable as part of his continued commitment to drive excellence in all areas of the force."