Shop local plea after Doncaster town centre clear-up

High Street, Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Doncaster MC 2
High Street, Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Doncaster MC 2

Residents are being urged to support Doncaster businesses, and return to the town centre, following the work to transform the streets by dealing with nuisance behaviour.

The council is following up the action to improve the streets by launching a number of its own initiatives to promote Doncaster firms and encourage people to buy local.

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A Countdown to Christmas campaign called ‘Living Advent’ also started on Saturday. It saw individual Doncaster town centre business offer a special promotion, provide entertainment or put on a demonstration or activity every day through to 24 December.

Full details are released each day by Visit Doncaster as an incentive to get people to come and shop in the town centre during December. 

A Doncaster-themed ‘12 Days of Christmas’ initiative will showcase the breadth and depth of products and services residents can find from businesses right across the borough. This will encourage people to buy what they need for Christmas closer to home rather than go online or venture to other areas.

Coun Bill Mordue, Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Economic Development, said: “Small businesses boost our economy, employ local people and provide a valuable service.

“We have launched a number of campaigns to promote our local businesses. Our Living Advent will encourage people into our town centre and our 12 Days of Christmas initiative showcases what local people can buy and do right across our borough.

“We are proud of our business community and work hard to support it. We urge all Doncaster residents and businesses to get behind the campaigns and buy local. Everything you would want this Christmas can be found right here in Doncaster.”