Sheffield student centre stage at Remain campaign high profile stunt

A Sheffield student and her artwork were centre stage at yesterday's Remain campaign high profile publicity stunt.

Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 4:06 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:56 pm
Madeleina and Alba beside the student's protest poster

Monday saw co-organiser Madeleina Kay among be-wigged protesters aboard an open-top red bus outside London Supreme Law Courts as international media focused on her Law Breaking Point parody of Nigel Farage's Breaking Point poster displayed 20 feet wide with same artwork reproduced on distributed fliers.

The Ranmoor 22-year-old, always accompanied on demos by pet Alba and previously accompanied by campaigning comedian Eddie Izzard, was among those behind recent EU flags at the Proms protest and helped raise over £3,500 via Crowdfunder to fund latest stunt supporting judges.

Loud and proud Madeleina with Alba aboard demo bus

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The University of Sheffield landscape architecture student's The Brexit Hokey Cokey composition was broadcast during the five-hour tour alongside The Beatles' Revolution track before being released on iTunes as further fund-raiser.

"Alba got a lot of fuss and enjoyed having her photo taken when the bus stopped. We were interviewed by many TV crews and featured on BBC news. It was an intense experience but well worth all the effort we put in," said Madeleina.

The talented artist and musician, "absolutely committed to fighting for the cause," continued: "I am proud of being British but I am also proud of being European and an international citizen. I fear for the future of our country, on a path of ever-increasing narrow-mindedness.

International media interview Madeleina

"I absolutely support judges in their right to take a legal decision based on expert knowledge. They are not trying to "block Brexit". Instead they made a totally legitimate legal ruling and should not have been penalised for their professional decision.

"The EU Referendum was not a game won by Nigel Farage and the 'leavers'. The impacts of Brexit will affect every British citizen individually and collectively as a society".

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Loud and proud Madeleina with Alba aboard demo bus
International media interview Madeleina