Sheffield custard pie attackers apologise for prank video after racism accusations

A gang who filmed a "prank" video of a string of custard pie attacks on members of the public in Sheffield city centre have apologised for the film after accusations of racism.

Friday, 4th November 2016, 1:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:02 pm
A scene from the custard pie attack video. (Photo: YouTube).

The makers of the clip have said sorry via video sharing website You Tube and defended themselves against suggestions of racism after viewers pointed out that the attacks were carried out by black and Asian men against white people.

In the 90 second video, a bus driver, tram conductor, street cleaner, shop workers and members of the public all have whipped cream thrown in their faces while a cyclist is sent sprawling from his bike after being hit.

Now makers Dank TV have hit back after coming under fire and calls for arrests to be made against the gang for assault.

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A post on YouTube below the video, entitled Pie Pranks Sheffield, said: "We made the video with the sole purpose of making people laugh but obviously not everybody shared my views.

"We deeply apologise to everyone who had whipped cream thrown at them.

"I don't understand why people would call this a racial assault, there are Asian people in this video.

"When making this video it didn't even come to mind that the majority of people were of a 'white skin colour',cause we don't think like that there were no specific targets

"We thought the video wouldn't be a big deal,it was whipped cream which could be wiped off with tissues and water."

The video has now been watched by more than 10,000 people after it surfaced online earlier this week.

In one scene, a bus driver has a whipped cream pie shoved in his face after one of the pranksters leans through an open window while in another clip, a ginger-haired cyclist is knocked from his bike as he cycles down Mulberry Street after being hit full in the face.

The video also shows a shocked worker at a city branch of sandwich chain Subway reacting in horror after being slammed in the face with a pie while a fairground worker, street cleaner and a tram conductor are also targeted, along with members of the public.

The clip, which is soundtracked by the Benny Hill theme music Yakety Sax, begins showing one of the pranksters, wearing a hoodie, squirting whipped cream into a foil tin in an alleyway off York Street, alongside the offices of The Star.

In one scene, two pie-wielding black men run onto a Supertram and slam a conductor in the face before exiting, laughing.

Further attacks take place on a passenger at a tram stop, on customers inside the city centre branch of McDonalds and also on a street cleaner and members of the public in the Peace Gardens.