Several cars damaged and man ‘has half of ear bitten off’ on Doncaster street, claims witness ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Several vehicles were smashed and a man had ‘half his ear bitten off’ in an incident on a Doncaster street last night, according to a witness. 

Police were reportedly called out to Ridgill Avenue in Skellow at about midnight and sealed off the area. 

Ridgill Avenue, Skellow. Picture: Google

Ridgill Avenue, Skellow. Picture: Google

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A man who claimed to have witnessed what he described as a “massive police incident” said: “One guy was taken to hospital after several cars were ‘skittled’ and smashed on the roadside.

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“One person taken to hospital in an ambulance with several injuries, most noticeably half of his ear bitten off.”

Emergency services have not released any details yet so none of the information has been confirmed at present. 

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We have contacted police, fire and the ambulance service and will update this story when we receive details.