In the Saddle: Bringing back memories

Well, it's the school holidays still and I'm at home entertaining my 9 year old daughter, Alyssia. We've had a lovely time playing with our horses this summer and just recently we went to see our lovely breeder, Paula Moore from Haverlands Appaloosas, where we got our foal 'Sully' from a few years ago.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 11:00 am

Lucky for us Paula had bred yet another stunning foal this year called Haverlands Artisan or 'Arti' for short. We managed to get up close and personal with this jolly little chap, even bagging ourselves some lovely strokes on his cute little face.

It brought back wonderful memories from when we went to visit our then- foal there a few years back. Arti was definitely a lot more confident than Sully was. He came right up and said hello.

He's going to be a little cracker and unsurprisingly he has already been sold. Paula will keep him until he is weaned from his mother (called a dam in the horse world).

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He has the same dam as Sully - she's called Xquisite Edition but his sire (father) is different as Arti is by August Dark Art. I think this is where he gets his beautiful markings from.

It's always lovely seeing foals in the field. Arti loved to nip about and was very interested in Alyssia and I. He's got a very inquisitive nature and I think he will be a very bold horse when he grows up.

He has a lovely owner who will take him once he reaches six months old or there or thereabouts and has a career planned already.

He's set to be an eventer in the future and will enjoy a mix of cross country, dressage and showjumping and given his long legs I'd say he will be flying those jumps in the future.

Alyssia loved him and enjoyed saying hello to him. She asked if we could buy him. I think she would take home every Haverlands foal if she could. Good luck for the future little Arti.