Robson gets on board to follow the Scotsman - Friday, ITV, 9pm

Robson Green tells the remarkable story of Flying Scotsman whilst spending a year with the men rebuilding the most famous steam engine in the world.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 10:26 am
Flying Scotsman With Robson Green

It is February and Robson meets the works director and team leader, Colin Green, who shows him Flying Scotsman and gets him to do some welding. Robson wants to discover why they believe it is so important to rebuild what some might regard as a boiling kettle on wheels.

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Driving on to Doncaster, the town that built the Scotsman, he meet sprightly 93 year old Peter Townend, who worked in the very same plant and shares his memories of conditions for workers in it. Robson discovers that Peter can hardly hear, a consequence of working in a ‘mad house’ with noise levels unimaginable.

In his final visit to the workshop Robson helps Teriann O’Connor, the only woman in the team, to paint Flying Scotsman, as it nears completion. After a year in the workshop, Flying Scotsman is ready for its first test run and Robson does indeed get the opportunity to live a dream and ride on the footplate of the world’s most famous steam engine.