Review of vegan skincare which feels luxurious but is good for the environment

Freya + Bailey skin care is eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free - a more sustainable beauty routine.

Freya and Bailey skin care samples.
Freya and Bailey skin care samples.

As someone who is obsessed with skincare and concerned about the environment, Freya and Bailey seemed like a great fit for me.

Even though I have a full skincare routine already I was excited to see if their vegan products could replace some of the not so eco-friendly bottles on my bathroom shelves.

After receiving some samples from Freya and Bailey I decided to give them a test over a seven day period.

I reviewed the morning skincare routine for oily skin.

First thoughts

My usual skincare routine consists of a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser and takes just around five minutes to complete.

So looking at the five bottle routine was a little bit daunting - almost double my usual products.

I decided the night before to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal so that I could really devote a good chunk of time to the skincare test.

And I’m very glad I did as it certainly took me a lot longer to apply all of the serums and lotions that I don’t usually have time for.

However, that’s not to say it was a negative experience - I usually rush through my skincare routine in hopes of getting out the door as quickly as possible but the first morning was a different story.

As I had carved time out for this being technically “work” I could relax through the process and I found the routine to be a pleasant and calming start to my day.

Now about the products themselves - it’s impossible to tell how good skincare is after just one application but there are certain characteristics which make themselves known right from the offset.

One of the most important ones for me is smell - I can’t stand over perfumed skincare products.

They tend to irritate my skin and I find myself wanting to wash them off immediately.

Thankfully the samples I received all had a mild aroma.

My favourite of the bunch was the Restore Endurance Face Toner which has a subtle citrus scent and reminded me a little of Jaffa Cakes.

Which you might think a weird choice for a skincare product but it made me smile whenever I used it.

The toner is quite gentle in comparison to my regular product - it didn’t give me that tightening effect that I have become used to with the use of hyaluronic acid or retinol.

But it did make my skin feel clean and fresh just as the bottle promised to do.

Glo’ Up Dream Face Cleanser

It was perfect timing for myself as my favourite cleanser from Nip and Fab had just failed me after a trip to the Peak District.

The bottle had spilled in the bag and covered everything with a sticky blood orange goo.

So it was time for a new cleanser to take up space in my morning routine.

This cleanser does not foam up which caught me off guard a little I enjoy the feeling of really getting the dirt out of your pores.

But I slowly got used to the creamy consistency - and when paired with the toner I didn’t miss my previous foaming cleaner at all.

Sail Marine Eye Gel

Now I’m only 24 but I’m already spending an increasing amount of money on eye products that swear that they can prevent any sort of aging process that may be coming my way.

These lotions and potions can get very pricey but this eye gel seems to be in the middle of the market at £23.99.

The eye cream is really refreshing and the perfect thing to jolt you awake in the morning.

This product was definitely my favourite of the bunch - I started looking forward to the cooling effect this eye gel has.

I do feel that it reduced the morning puffiness that I tend to awake to which was an added bonus.

Control! Clarifying Face Serum

I have always steered clear of face serums because of my oily skin.

But as this product is made specifically for my skin type I thought I would risk it and I wasn’t disappointed.

The serum melts into your skin within minutes and you don’t feel it for the rest of the day.

I found myself applying this directly after I used the eye gel and the two combined together left my skin feeling fresh and silky.

Quench! Clarifying Face Moisturiser

I’m picky when it comes to moisturiser as I previously said I have oily skin and 90% of moisturisers I try just don’t work with my skin type and I end up being shiny all day long.

So it’s been a while since I’ve tried anything new.

I found this moisturiser to leave my skin feeling matte and free from oil when I first applied it.

My skin felt soft after using it and the oil seemed to be kept mostly at bay throughout my mornings.

Final Thoughts

I loved trying this vegan skin care - I was most excited about finding vegan alternatives for some of my current products.

I can honestly say that after a week of using the five products my skin feels soft, clean and refreshed in the morning.

I love the ethos of the brand and think more should adopt a cruelty free, all natural approach.

My stand out product from this range was the Sail! Marine Eye Gel I have never had a product like it before and I love the way that it brightens up my dark circles in a morning.

You can find out more about Freya and Bailey’s products here: