REVEALED: We spend third of our wage on mortgage or rent

Counting cost of billsCounting cost of bills
Counting cost of bills
Yorkshire folk spend 33% of their pay packets on rent or mortgage, latest research reveals.

New stats also show average council tax and home insurance costs eye-watering £1,673 a year.

Recent Provident study highlights household expenditure and disposable monthly income across UK regions.

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Household bills and food shopping also come under the microscope with their ‘Real Wage’ tool working out exactly where our wages go.

The county is ranked fifth nationwide with £23,918.40 annual salary, 33.8% of which is spent on rent and bills, 11.8% on loans and childcare.

Yorkshire and The Humber shells out 7% on council tax and home insurance, 13.2% on food, 11.3% on transport.

Find out how much of your salary is really yours to keep with tool specially created by Provident.