Revealed: The Sheffield street that's been named in UK's top 10 most haunted roads

Dare you drive along it?Dare you drive along it?
Dare you drive along it?
A Sheffield road has been named among the top ten most haunted streets in Britain.

The city's Stocksbridge bypass has been listed in a new rundown of the scariest roads in Britain - and the A616, which has been the scene of a number of strange sighting over the decades, is considered one of the country's most terrifying drives.

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And the number of ghoulish sightings on the Stocksbridge bypass ensured its place on the list.

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“So it’s no surprise to learn that there are thousands of strange and unexplained sightings on our roads, with many reports coming from isolated highways that cut through barren stretches of moor and mountain."

The study said that the stretch of road has been described as ‘the Killer Road’ in recent years and added: "The Stocksbridge bypass was completed in 1989 and has been called ‘an accident black spot’, with large numbers of fatalities.

"The stories of a paranormal nature began during the building of the road when two security guards tasked with keeping watch over building materials claimed they saw a group of children dancing beneath a pylon in the early hours, they had their claims laughed off when they called Deepcar police station, with officers saying they would be better off phoning a priest!

"Drivers on the road have stated they have seen a monk staring blankly over the valley beside the road, with some even stating they have seen the apparition beside them in their vehicle!"

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Last year, a paranormal investigator claims he came face to face with the ghost of a medieval monk on the road.

Ghost hunter Phil Sinclair was filmed screaming in fear after encountering a shadowy figure in woods near the road.

And it is not the first time the road has been a target for ghost hunters.

TV ghost expert Richard Jones of Most Haunted investigated the Stocksbridge Bypass - and what he found terrified him so much he labelled the road one of the scariest places in the UK.

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During his investigations of the A616 thoroughfare, he said it’s history was so ghastly it could only be the work of the paranormal.

Back in 1987 it was reported how, before the road opened, two Ecclesfield police officers Dick Ellis and John Beet spied a robed torso near to Pearoyd Bridge.

"I got a brief sighting of it next to the car and then something banged on the vehicle, " PC Ellis told reporters at the time.

"It was unnerving. There was definitely something supernatural."

Since then several accidents have been blamed on apparitions - by ghost writers, if not necessarily by police. One explanation for the so-called haunting is that a medieval monk haunts the area.