REVEALED: The 'best-performing' secondary schools in Doncaster

Principal Jamie Lawler joins students to celebrate their GCSE success at Rossington All Saints AcademyPrincipal Jamie Lawler joins students to celebrate their GCSE success at Rossington All Saints Academy
Principal Jamie Lawler joins students to celebrate their GCSE success at Rossington All Saints Academy
Secondary school pupils in Doncaster are making 'below average' progress, according to the latest league tables.

Schools are now ranked according to their 'Progress 8' score, which measures the improvement students make between leaving primary school and sitting their GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

A positive score suggests pupils are making better than average progress, while a negative one indicates the reverse.

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Secondary schools in Doncaster achieved an average score of -0.16, which is 'below average'.

Rossington All Saints Academy was the only school in the town to be rated 'well above average', with its score of 0.78 putting it in the top 12 per cent of schools nationally.

Three other schools were deemed 'above average' after recording scores among the top 30 per cent in the country.

Four mainstream schools were rated 'well below average', with Balby Carr Community Academy sitting at the bottom of the pile in Doncaster after scoring -1.2, and three were judged 'below average'.

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Balby Carr had been sponsored by Wakefield Academies Trust, which recently announced it was pulling out of all 21 schools it ran.

The school's headteacher Tom Ashley, who was appointed earlier this year said outcomes were 'not where they should be, despite a significant amount of hard work'.

“We are now working with the preferred sponsor Astrea Academy Trust to address school improvement issues," he added.

"I am focused on a better future for our students."

Doncaster's schools fared particularly badly in English, achieving an average Progress 8 score of -0.31. In maths they scored -0.14, for their top three core subjects included in the English Baccalaureate they got -0.25, and for other subjects they scored exactly zero.

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Hungerhill School had the best 'Attainment 8' score, which measures achievements across a range of subjects. Its 52.1 points were well above the England-wide average of 44.2.

The Hayfield School had the highest proportion of students achieving grade five or above in GCSE English and maths, at 61 per cent, compared with a national average of 39.1 per cent.

Doncaster's schools as a whole scored below the national average for both these measures, with an average Attainment 8 score of 43.4, and 38.1 per cent of pupils gaining grade five or better in English and maths.

This was the first year the numeric grading system, in which a nine is the top grade and five is equivalent to a high C or low B, replaced the old alphabetical one.


Rossington All Saints Academy: 0.78 (well above average)

Hungerhill School: 0.48 (above average)

Outwood Academy Danum: 0.38 (above average)

Hall Cross Academy: 0.16 (above average)

The Hayfield School: 0.07 (average)

De Warenne Academy: -0.02 (average)

Outwood Academy Adwick: -0.07 (average)

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Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College: -0.09 (average)

The McAuley Catholic High School: -0.1 (average)

Campsmount (A Co-operative Academy): -0.16 (average)

Armthorpe Academy: -0.19 (average)

Ridgewood School: -0.28 (below average)

Ash Hill Academy: -0.33 (below average)

Trinity Academy: -0.58 (well below average)

Sir Thomas Wharton Community College: -0.6 (well below average)

Mexborough Academy: -1.15 (well below average)

Balby Carr Community Academy: -1.2 (well below average)

Pennine View School (special school): -1.67 (well below average)

* Progress 8 scores

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