Residents chip in to help Doncaster fish shop owner

Loyal customers have given a struggling Doncaster fish and chip shop owner a Christmas present money can’t fry.

Saturday, 26th December 2015, 8:29 am
NDFP- Frank wants to thank residents who organised an event to keep his chip shop going after a slump in business

Residents rallied round to show Frank Tayee of Frank’s Golden Cod just how much they valued his tasty fish and chips after learning that the business owner was struggling to stay afloat after 17-years.

Determined to give his Rossington business a boost regular customer Lisa Holmes took to Facebook and organised a community event to net as many customers as possible.

After hearing Frank was taking a battering in business scores of residents turned out on the night to support him and have vowed to continue to frequent his friendly establishment in the New Year.

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Frank says he was overwhelmed by the support on the night and has continued to reel customers in following the kind hearted gesture.

Frank Tayee who has been running his chippy for 17 years said: “I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the event and everyone who is continuing to support me.

“I was nearly crying I was so happy when the community came together to support me.

“I was struggling as business was quiet but now things are busier and a lot of people said they will carry on coming in.

“It’s difficult for local businesses and we need our customers support, this was the best Christmas present I could have wished for.”

Regular customer Lisa decided the season of goodwill was the prefect time to give Frank that extra boost he needed.

Posting on Facebook she wrote: “I have a Christmas wish!! This wish is for as many people possible to visit Frank’s chip shop this Friday!

“He is the kindest and most loveliest man around and he needs our help! Please please just pop in, even if only to buy a bag of chips! He opens up most nights to as little as 2 customers and it would be good to give back to him the kindness he gives us!! Let’s pull together as a community and show old franko that we care!! Please share far and wide peeps! Spread some Christmas cheer!! xxx”

Since the event Frank regularly attracts queues of customers to his Wilkinson Avenue shop.

Customers are continuing to post on the Facebook page updating Frank’s new found following with pictures from their latest visit.

Amy Batty Posted on the page “Just been to franks chippy and its still busy, every time I go by now there is always a queue, he’s just gave everyone a free can of pop and apologising for the wait bless him, so happy for him that everyone has started going back there, he deserves it.”