Quarter of people in Doncaster NEVER have sex, new survey says

Almost a quarter of people in Doncaster never have sex, according to a new survey.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 25 February, 2019, 13:07

But while 24% of people say they never get intimate in the bedroom, the area is still one of the most sexually active in the UK.

The study found that one in four people suffer from low libido – but in the north east, the figure is as high as 37% of people saying that they never have sex.

A quarter of people in Doncaster never have sex, according to a new survey.

The new research by SunVit-D3 also discovered that over half of those in a relationship have ruled out taking anything to boost their sex drive.

With Valentine's Day, February has long been seen as the month of love – but in our region, 24% of people say they never have sex.


(Percentage of people never having sex)

North East 37% 

East Midlands  31% 

South West  27% 

South East  26% 

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London  25% 

North West  25% 

Northern Ireland  25% 

Yorkshire  24% 

East Anglia  24% 

Scotland  23% 

Richard Allen, Finance Director from SunVit-D3 said, “It is interesting to learn that so many couples are not engaging in sex with their partner. Clinical trials show Vitamin D can play a significant role in boosting our sex drive and Vitamin D should be considered as a daily supplement to help form and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.” 

SunVit-D3 Limited is a rapidly growing company devoted to Vitamin D3 supplementation with scientific documentation. The company's products are manufactured in the UK according to GMP principles and guidelines to ensure their customers products are of a high quality.