Pulled pork campaign comes to Doncaster

LIPs (Ladies In Pigs) took to the streets of Doncaster this week in support of the Tom Kerridge-backed Pulled Pork campaign.
'Ladies in Pigs' giving away samples of British pulled pork.'Ladies in Pigs' giving away samples of British pulled pork.
'Ladies in Pigs' giving away samples of British pulled pork.

The woman spent time at the ASDA store at Lakeside in support of the British Pig Executive (BPEX) Pulled Pork campaign to encourage more people to buy fresh pork shoulder.

Michelin starred chef and restaurant owner Tom Kerridge is the ambassador of the Pulled Pork campaign commented: “I am really excited to be on board because I absolutely love pulled pork. Pork shoulder is one of the most under-utilised meat cuts, but one of the easiest to cook, most definitely full of flavour and great value for money. I hope this campaign will inspire people to give pulled pork a go at home. Pulled pork is one of the restaurant industry’s best kept secrets and consumers just aren’t aware of how easy it is to create a great-tasting, impressive dish.”

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British pig farmers currently rear around 10 million pigs each year with Brits eating around 26 million loins (much of this as bacon) and 19 million legs. However, current figures show consumers eat the shoulder joints from six million pigs. By promoting shoulder as ‘pulled pork’ it could mean Britons eat more of the shoulders produced in this country making pig farming more sustainable in the long term.

BPEX has launched its pulled pork campaign – with its TV campaign premiering at the end of Coronation Street’s Friday evening episode – to encourage more consumers to buy fresh pork shoulder and cook it at home.

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