St Leger Homes: Doncaster’s council house provider to get tough on anti-social behaviour and increase homelessness prevention

Doncaster Council’s social housing provider, has set out a five-year plan to address long standing issues and to improve properties for residents.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 2:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 1:43 pm
St Leger Homes has announced their five-year plan to improve their services

St Leger Homes, which has managed over 20,000 council houses since 2005, published its corporate plan to focus on 2019 through to 2024.

Bosses have said they want to resolve more anti-social behaviour cases reported to them by working more closely with council officers and South Yorkshire Police through better monitoring.

St Leger also undertake the council’s statutory homeless function and they aim to reduce the number of nights people have to stay in bed and breakfast accommodation along with improving homelessness prevention measures.

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Another objective aims to set up a ‘Gypsy & Traveller Residential investment plan’ which will identify areas for improvement and a ‘borough wide’ pilot to re-use existing furniture in St Leger Homes.

Plans are also in place to expand St Leger’s gardening service to the private sector and develop a revised strategy to implement retro-fit energy efficient building improvements.

Bosses also want to increase the amount of help offered to tenants to enter training and employment.

Paul Tanney, chief executive of St Leger Homes, said: “We’re delighted that through the consultation sessions we held across the borough, we had over two thousand ideas and comments from tenants, staff and partners – these have helped shape the Corporate Plan we are launching today.

“We want to ensure we are always improving our services – and that is why we have set ourselves ambitious targets. The Corporate Plan will help frame our work for the next five years and gives a clear indication of how we are going to deliver for our tenants.”

To view the full corporate plan, click here.