Police's off-road bike team credited with fall in anti-social behaviour across Doncaster

A dedicated police off-road motorbike team has been credited with being the reason for a significant fall in anti-social behaviour across Doncaster.

Figures show in 2018, there were 9,827 reports of anti-social behaviour - a year on this fell to 8,058 a year later - a 21 per cent decrease.

Overall crime reported in Doncaster was also down. In 2018, 38,478 crimes were called in which fell to 37,842 in 2019.

South Yorkshire Police were praised for their proactive approach to tackle off-road motorbikes. The force has deployed teams in ‘key hotspots’ across Doncaster.


The force is trying to increase its community presence across Doncaster with the introduction of a dedicated team based out of Edlington station. Others are set to follow.

Bill Hotchkiss, head of service for community safety Doncaster Council, said: “This (data) provides the high level information regarding the level of crime and anti-social behaviour in Doncaster.

“It is based upon the previous 12-month period and shows that Doncaster has seen a slight overall decrease in reported crime during 2019. Reported incidents of anti-social behavior have fallen by 18 per cent along with the South Yorkshire Police’s 21 per cent decrease.

“There has been a large reduction in police reported ASB in Doncaster, which mirrors the force-wide picture.

“Vehicle nuisance, including Off Road motorbikes, reduced by seven per cent during 2019. The dedicated SYP Off Road Bikes Team continued to be deployed within key hotspot areas in Doncaster during 2019.

“SYP Roads Policing Team deployments may have also influenced reporting.”