Nigel Farage says only Brexit Party can beat Labour and calls for Conservatives to step aside in Doncaster

Nigel Farage has said the Brexit Party is the only party that can beat Labour in Doncaster – and has called on the Conservatives not to field candidates, during a speech to supporters at Doncaster Racecourse.

Monday, 16th September 2019, 1:39 pm

Party leader Mr Farage was given a rousing reception and told hundreds of supporters at Town Moor that the Conservatives should not stand candidates in Doncaster’s three seats to allow the Brexit Party ‘a clean path’ to victory in the town.

He said: “Getting Brexit is the defining issue of our age.

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A packed audience listened to Mr Farage's speech at Doncaster Racecourse.

“I will make an offer to Boris Johnson – if you agree to go for a clean break Brexit, I will not stand candidates against you and help you beat the Liberal Democrats in the south west.

“Here in South Yorkshire, the Conservatives have never won and will never win. The Brexit Party is the only party that can challenge Labour. If we work together, we can win a crushing victory.”

The party has announced candidates for all three Doncaster constituencies in a bid to unseat Ed Miliband (Doncaster North), Dame Rosie Winterton (Doncaster Central) and Caroline Flint (Don Valley).

There were boos from the audience as Mr Farage mentioned the names of Labour MPs, adding: “Doncaster has had enough of Labour. It is totally and utterly disconnected from its northern roots and voters.”

Doncaster Stand Up To Racism protested against Nigel Farage's visit to Doncaster.

“The Labour Party is doing everything it can to stop Brexit and are happy to stop us having a General Election. They are a complete and total disgrace.

“They will tell you you didn’t know what you were voting for. Can you tell Jeremy Corbyn you knew exactly what you were voting for - you voted to Leave. We didn’t vote for a deal, we voted to Leave.”

“They think you are stupid and think they know better. Labour is a party that represents London – it represents Dalston, not Doncaster.”

Nigel Farage was welcomed to Doncaster by cheering supporters and anti-racism protesters.

Mr Farage was met with a number of protesters ahead of the conference, with members of Doncaster Stand Up To Racism staging a noisy demonstration outside Town Moor.

But Mr Farage said he would organise a demonstration of his own – a march for democracy – if voters were denied a General Election.

He added: “In the end, it will happen. They can’t stop it.

“They can try and scare us into submission but we are not going to listen.”

Describing Theresa May as the ‘worst Prime Minister in British history’ to cheers, he described her as ‘miserable’ and a good cure for insomnia and said: “Clean break is the only way.

“We will work with anyone, even Labour if they say the right thing and put country before party.

Laughing as a mention of Boris Johnson drew applause, he added: “An audience in Doncaster clapping Boris Johnson – incredible!

“If we get a deal with Johnson we will win a crushing victory at a General Election. We will get Brexit and we will get our country back. If we work together and don’t split the vote, we’ll smash the opposition.”