'Doncaster will be so much better when it's gone:' MP issues update on eyesore shed

A Doncaster MP has said the town will look ‘so much better’ when a derelict railway shed he is campaigning to have removed is gone.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 4th May 2022, 12:01 pm

Don Valley Conservative MP Nick Fletcher launched a campaign several weeks ago to remove a graffit-strewn cabin from sidings at Doncaster railway station, saying it sent out the wrong signals to visitors arriving in the town by train.

Undeterred, Mr Fletcher is pushing ahead with his campaign to remove the ‘eyesore’ shed which is daubed with Sheffield Wednesday football club graffiti.

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Nick Fletcher is campaigning for a railway shed to be removed to improve Doncaster.

Announcing an update in a video on Twitter he said: “I posted about a derelict cabin on the railway sidings a few weeks ago, it received a lot of press but when it’s gone it will make Doncaster look so much better when you arrive by train – and that’s all I want.

"Wherever you enter Doncaster, it should look great, if it looks great, people will feel great, they will treat our town great and it will be great.

"The council have for the first time in a long time done a huge clean up of the town centre. It’s a powerful message and its one more reason we can all be proud of our town Doncaster.”

When he initially announced the campaign to remove the shed, he came under fierce criticism.

One said: “Are you taking the p***? The town centre’s in free fall and you’re on about a shed. You’re a joke.”

Another stormed: “Seriously? More s*** going off in town centre - smackheads, beggars. Try telling me that you haven't noticed and you’re going on about a shed. Jesus. It’s a joke.”

Another commented: “Nick - resign!!!! We need someone to sort the town centre out before a bloody shed,” while another added: “Is that your priority? Try venture into the town centre and see where the real work is needed.”

Another posted: “A tiny shed out of the way from everyone, try walking through the Frenchgate Interchange on a Saturday afternoon/evening and you'll see why people boycott the town.”

The cabin, adorned with Sheffield Wednesday football club graffifi, has sat alongside platform eight at the railway station for a number of years.

In his video Mr Fletcher said: "It looks dreadful and I’m not sure how many years it has been here but the first thing I did, I was straight onto the council and Network Rail to see if we can’t get this removed.

"That’s not what we want to see in Doncaster – that doesn’t say positive things about Doncaster. Let’s really clean up Doncaster and start with things like this – it’s so important.”

It is not the first time the MP who replaced Labour’s Caroline Flint at the 2019 General Election has run into controversy.