Doncaster Tory MP in ''we are full' anti-immigration rant - but avoids questions over Christian beliefs

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Doncaster Conservative MP Nick Fletcher has launched an epic anti-immigration rant, repeatedly declaring 'we are full’ – but swerving questions about how backing his Government’s ‘Stop The Boats’ policy aligns with his staunch Christian beliefs.

The Don Valley MP was met with derision when he stood up in the House of Commons last week and announced: “We are full” as MPs debated the controversial Illegal Migration Bill.

Now he has doubled down on his views – but Mr Fletcher – who praised God and Jesus Christ in his debut Commons speech and is a committed Christian, brushed aside claims that his views are ‘un-Christian.’

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In a two page letter, shared online, he fumed: “I stood in the Chamber last week when the 'Stop the Boats Bill' was first announced and said simply; "We are full.'

Don Valley Conservative MP Nick Fletcher.Don Valley Conservative MP Nick Fletcher.
Don Valley Conservative MP Nick Fletcher.

“There was the usual noise from the opposition. Twitter went into meltdown.

"As a Christian, more than a few will always throw the Bible at me, tell me I am a poor example of a Christian, then tell me they hate me.

"But the fact of the matter is we are simply full.”

He was accused of being hypocritical after describing Christ as ‘the greatest role model’ on his debut speech in 2020, and outlining his commitment to Christianity. He has also called for daily Christian teachin in all UK schools.

He said: “I believe in miracles, and I believe in God.

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“I know not everyone does and I know many see Christianity as a stumbling block to their way of life, but please remember it is my way of life.

“It is the reason I believe I am here – not to judge or condemn, but to listen, to help, to be kind, to forgive and forget.

“I therefore have two asks. First, will all the people here and back in my constituency forgive me ​when I get it wrong—and I will?

“But, secondly, and much more importantly, however long we are here, let us keep room for God in this place.

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“If we do keep space for him in the hearts and minds of the people who believe, I know this country will continue to be the greatest place and continue to be a place that you and I are proud to call home. After all, I believe Christ is the greatest role model anyone can have.”

In his latest letter on immigration, he wrote: "There is a severe lack of housing.

"Hospitals are full. GP appointments are difficult to get. Schools are full. Our hotels are full.

"No, I will say it one more time. We are full.

"We cannot and should not keep taking in illegal economic migrants from safe countries such as France until we get our own house in order.

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"It is not helping with wages either and many who want more immigration are the ones who want cheap labour.

“This cannot be right. We should use innovation and training to do the jobs that need doing.

"This will increase wages and productivity and will be a further way of helping our young people get on the housing ladder from all backgrounds and from all parts of the UK.

"Since becoming an MP, I have always asked for a cap on immigration. Controlled immigration is the only way forward.

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"The only way we will stop the tension this subject causes. Much of this tension is caused by the influencers on the left using extreme language to those of us on the right who actually represent the people that immigration really impacts.

"The people with the real money don't get affected by the 3-bed semi 'buy to let' next door that now is a house in multiple occupation.

"They don't struggle with school places. Not many have to deal with a stretched NHS when private medical insurance is on hand. No, they don't have this struggle. Yet they get to shout 'racist' and 'xenophobe' at those who do.

“While the working person gets up every morning, does their 40 hours a week to put food on the table, and who tries to keep the heating on.

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“While at the same time watching every boat come over from France which, again I say is a safe country, to take advantage of the services they are paying taxes for.

“I am sorry. Christian, or not; this just isn't right.

"We need this Bill to stop the boats.

"We need those on the left to help make this work. We don't need a fractured country divided on this issue.

“We need to get our own house in order and then when we have, and if we can, maybe then we can help a few more people who genuinely need our help.

“But Stop the Boats we must. There is no other option. Immigration has to be controlled. We are, at least at present, full.”