‘We need to get out of the EU now!’ – Doncaster folk make their feelings heard as Leave Means Leave Brexit march rolls into South Yorkshire

Over 150 people marching to ‘save Brexit’ rolled into Doncaster on the latest leg of the Leave Means Leave hike.

By George Torr
Friday, 22nd March 2019, 11:54 am
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 11:58 am
Brexit supporters in Doncaster
Brexit supporters in Doncaster

The group were welcomed with cheers, chants and applause in Doncaster town centre by pro-Brexit supporters who turned out to welcome them in from their 15-mile trek from Ackworth, near Pontefract West Yorkshire. 

Key Brexit figure Nigel Farage, who walked the first leg from Sunderland last week, was not part of the journey to Doncaster.

Brexit supporters in Doncaster

He said the march was to show the ‘out-of-touch Westminster elite’ the ‘depth of dissatisfaction at their appalling mishandling of the Brexit process’.  The 14-day march, organised by the Leave Means Leave campaign and supported by the likes of former Ukip leader, is set to end with a rally in Parliament Square on March 29, the original date for the UK to leave the European Union.

One man who shouted ‘revoke Article 50’ before the march entered Doncaster was met with a polite response of ‘respect democracy’. 

Leave Means Leave chairman John Longworth told supporters outside the Wetherspoons pub that Prime Minister Theresa May and MPs were ‘traitors’ which was met by cheers and shouts of ‘treason’ from the crowd. 

He added: “They are trying to keep us in the European Union and we voted to leave – this was a democratic vote and Parliament said we would leave.

The Brexit marchers enter Doncaster town centre

“The Conservatives and the Labour party all said we will leave the EU, leave the Single Market, we would leave the Customs Union.”

Asked if the political parties were liars, the crowd responded with a loud ‘yes’.   

The UK could leave the EU without a deal which a recent Government report warned of a nine per cent long-term hit to the economy, food shortages and the possibility of companies going out of business. 

But many who were stood waiting with signs outside the Red Lion pub in market , Union flags and pro-Brexit signs were in support of a no deal Brexit. 

Ian Dawson, front, with friends

Kev Carter, aged 53 from Edenthorpe, brought a sign saying the 'Westminster elite' were 'selling the people down the river'. He is backing a 'no deal' Brexit. 

"Fair play to the marchers. They're doing this to show those in London that we want to get out," he said. 

"It's the people who vote the MPs in and they should be carrying out our wishes but it seems completely back to front. Parliament are blocking the will of the people."

A woman from Rotherham who didn't wish to named said she was in favour of a no deal. 

Susan Nicholson traveled from Beverly in East Yorkshire

"It's very simple for me. We voted out and that's what we want - MPs don't seem to be listening. 

"We vote the vote and we know what we wanted - the ballot paper said we leave or we remain. They're not carrying out our wishes," she said. 

Sylvia Knight, aged 77, had travelled from Selby in North Yorkshire to welcome the march into Doncaster. 

She said: "We would survive with no deal, it wouldn't be the end of the world but I know this would affect businesses and its the workers that would feel the brunt of it. 

"I'd prefer a deal but at the end of the day they need to get on with it because it's taken too long. 

"I can't see the EU giving us anything more in terms of a deal and they'll want to make an example out of us." 

John French (left) and pal Fred Mann from Adwick

Another woman who said she was from Balby, called Theresa May a 'traitor' and said she would 'never vote again' if Brexit is delayed. 

"She's absolutely useless - it was bad news from the start because she's a remain supporter and deep down doesn't want Brexit. 

"A leaver like Boris Johnson should've led the negotiations - the EU won't give us anything and we should go on our own and leave without a deal."

Fred Mann from Adwick carrying a sign that said 'Out Now No Deal' is against delaying Brexit. 

The 74-year-old said: "I want our country to be out of the EU - it's a failing system. 

"May's deal is terrible - it doesn't actually take us out of the EU and doesn't reflect the will of the people.

"For me it's about sovereignty and having our own laws making our own decision. I don't want to be part of a United States of Europe."

Fellow Adwick resident 78-year-old John French agreed with Fred.

He said: "We voted to join the Common Market in the 70s and that was a good thing in my opinion. 

"But what the EU has evolved into now is something we don't to be part of. We voted out and we need to get out."

Susan Nicholson, 65, came from Beverly in East Yorkshire to welcome the march into Doncaster.

"This is all about respecting democracy - we voted to leave the EU and it's as simple as that," she said.

"We want to be in charge of our own laws, our money and decide who we want to come into our country.”

Ian Dawson, 53, from Wheatley was another calling for the UK to leave the EU without a deal.

"Theresa May is a remainer and was the wrong person for this job. From what's gone on, we're the laughing stock of the whole world," he said. 

Sylvia Knight, from Selby
Kev Carter from Edenthorpe