'Residents completely ignored' - Councillors put opposition to Doncaster's housing and business space Local Plan

Doncaster Council’s housing and business space master plan has been passed but not without opposition from a handful of councillors.

Friday, 26th July 2019, 4:56 pm
Updated Monday, 29th July 2019, 11:08 am
Residents on land off Rose Hill which has been earmarked for housing in the Local Plan

The Local Plan includes details of plans to build 920 homes a year until 2035 and provide 481 hectares of business space.

The document, which will supercede previous planning policies, will act as a guide for officers and councillors when deciding on future developments.

Mayor Ros Jones said the plan will ‘shape Doncaster’s’ future.

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But the 450-plus page document was met with some opposition from her own party members.

Labour councillors Ian Pearson, David Hughes, Austen White and cabinet member Rachael Blake all lodged opposition individual sites in their wards earmarked for housing.

Conservative Bessacarr councillor Nick Allen lodged opposition to plan to build homes on greenfield land off Rose Hill close to Doncaster Racecourse.

“There’s been a lot of uproar about the selling this site for housing and a feeling it shouldn’t be disposed of in the first place. It’s already going down the sales process and then included in the Local Plan," Coun Allen said.

“It’s gone out to consultation and as the mayor describes the 1,200 people who responded to that is significant - it isn’t significant because we’re a borough of 310,000 and it’s completely embarrassing - you ought to see it as embarrassing and you should admit that.

“Lots of people in Rose Hill took part in the consultation and their views have been completely ignored because it’s already undergoing the sale process.”

Adwick and Carcroft Coun David Hughes also lodged opposition to an allocated housing site off Lutterworth Drive.

But when asked to comment by meeting chair Coun Linda Curran, he said: “No thank you, I’ve put my objections in and I think it was agreed that I shouldn’t speak.”

The comments prompted laughter in the chamber with Conservative Coun Jonathan Wood responding: “You’ve been told!”

Coun Ian Pearson objected to space at Hill Top Road in Denaby, Austen White put his opposition to an allocated area close to the A1 near Skellow and Rachael Blake issued concerns around land on Westwood Road Bawtry.

Mayor Jones said the Local Plan is a 'living document' and will see yearly scrutiny.