Council to discuss future of controversial lorry park in Rossington

Councillors have been updated on the future of a controversial lorry park which has caused ‘major problems’ for residents in a Doncaster village.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 4:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 11:24 pm
The temporary lorry park causing issues for residents could stay a while longer

The lorry park, which is supposed to be a temporary measure, is used by HGVs waiting for entry into Attero Recycling centre off Bankwood Lane in Rossington.

The company had planning permission to double the operating size of the plant granted along with the construction of a link road which would end lorry journeys through the Bankwood housing estate to the south.

Residents spoke in support of the scheme and said the lorry park had caused ‘major problems’ with ‘putrid smells and dust’.

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Others said residents along Bankwood Lane had developed health problems and the constant stream of HGVs had turned the 30 mph estate road into something resembling a ‘motorway’.

Despite the link road application being accepted in December last year, councillors on the planning committee now have a decision to make which could see them extend the temporary planning permission for the lorry park.

It’s understood Attero has not at this stage applied for an extension.

The planned development has not yet started and the temporary agreement for lorries to park up off West End Lane and Bankwood Lane comes to an end on June 11.

After the application to expand the plant and construct the link road was approved, the Environmental Agency told Doncaster Council the application was ‘deficient in a number of areas and required significant modification’.

Council bosses said the process of dealing with the EA permit application is ‘expected to take longer than the expiry date for the temporary lorry park permission’.

Councillors will decide in future whether to extend the the lorry park permit for a period of time, consider enforcement action against Attero if HGVs continue to park past June 11, or explore options for relocating the park away from residential areas.

Planning officer David Richards, said: “The default position following the expiry of the temporary permission for the lorry park is that the use ceases and, where necessary, enforcement action is taken against the operator.

“However, in light of the significant risks, associated with distributing the significant HGV movements associated with the operator, a number of options for the lorry park have been considered.

“The views of the local community are being sought on the above options. This includes consultation with Rossington Parish Council, Community liaison officer, ward members and local residents in the vicinity of the site.

“Following the results of the consultation process, legal will be consulted and a decision will be made on which option is most suitable.

“The planning department will continue to work with the Environmental Agency to ensure that the conditions of the environmental permit and the planning permission are aligned to ensure they are robust.”