Business leaders and unions outlined hopes for new South Yorkshire mayor Oliver Coppard

Both business leaders and unions have today outlined their hopes for new South Yorkshire mayor Oliver Coppard.

Friday, 6th May 2022, 11:05 pm

Mr Coppard was declared the new mayor, replacing predecessor Dan Jarvis, after the count was completed this evening at the English Institute of Sport, in Sheffield.

After the result was announced both the CBI Yorkshire and the Humber Yorkshire regional Trades Union Congress, spoke on the result.

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Labour’s Oliver Coppard declared new South Yorkshire Mayor

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Business leaders and unions outlined hopes for new South Yorkshire mayor Oliver Coppard Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe

Beckie Hart, CBI Yorkshire & the Humber Director, said Mr Coppard was taking up office at a critical time for the regional economy – and the hard work started now.

She said: “South Yorkshire is facing multiple headwinds, including the increased cost of living and doing business, significant geopolitical instability and rising inflation, on top of ongoing post-pandemic recovery efforts and a net zero focus.

“The new mayor should seek to capitalise on South Yorkshire’s many assets to fuel an economy which can empower communities and reduce long-standing inequalities.

"Business needs a mayor who is relentless in their engagement with central government to create the tailwinds that enable businesses to continue to invest and grow. Other priorities should include championing investment in sustainable infrastructure and the creation of a dynamic, skills-rich workforce.

“CBI members in South Yorkshire stand ready to work alongside the new mayor to develop this vision, and to drive forward ambitions for sustainable and equitable economic growth throughout the region.”

TUC Yorkshire Regional Secretary Bill Adams was also keen to work with him.

He said South Yorkshire was facing an unprecedented cost of living crisis, but working people know that in the new mayor, they have an ally and partner.

He said: “Today’s result shows that people have seen through the government’s hollow promise to level up South Yorkshire. With the cost of living crisis looming, voters know they need a fighter who will deliver on buses, fair work, and economic justice.

“The new mayor has the potential to enact transformative change across our region, and to speak for a region ignored by the Westminster government.

“We look forward to the mayor making good on his pledge last week to begin the statutory investigation into public control of our buses.

“We stand ready to work with the mayor on investing in a transformative Supertram extension and other green industries, initiating major job creation schemes, and reversing the government’s damaging cuts to the Union Learning Fund by continuing South Yorkshire’s home grown workplace skills and education project.

“As the economic fallout from COVID continues, working people need to stand together in their unions – and get ready to fight to protect our livelihoods and our communities. We urge everyone at work to join a trade union today.”

Mr Coppard was elected as the new South Yorkshire mayor after securing the votes in the second round of voting in today’s count.

In total, he secured 143,476 votes, once the second preferences of the eliminated candidates were redistributed, compared with 57,347 for his Tory rival Clive Watkinson..

The turnout was 26.4 per cent.

Voters went to polls for the mayoral election in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley.