Police clamp down on Isle’s speeding motorists

Isle residents are warned to watch their speed, as Humberside police launch a campaign to stop speeding motorists in their tracks, throughout April.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 1st April 2014, 9:15 am

Speed is the biggest killer of young people across Europe and North America, and affects all people who are road-users.

Throughout this month, Humberside police will be out on the roads of North Lincolnshire to educate people who break the speed limit, and put their lives and those of other road users in danger.

Casualty Reduction Officer for the East Riding, PC Simon Carlisle is leading the campaign. He said officers have heard every excuse in the book: “I know that speeding is something which most people who use the roads have an opinion on. It might be because it has affected their lives in some way, it might be due to nuisance motorists driving up and down their street, or it could quite simply be that they don’t agree with the legislation in place,” he said.

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“I would like to say to people that speed limits are in place to help reduce the number of casualties on our roads, and statistics show that when people chose to exceed those limits, it can result in fatal consequences. During April myself, and my colleagues will be going out speaking to people about speeding and ensuring that those who chose to break the law are dealt with effectively.”

He continued: “It might surprise people to know that by increasing your speed from 30mph to 35mph, you are twice as likely to kill a pedestrian. So think next time you are considering just going that little bit faster, how the consequences of your actions could ruin the lives of others.”

The campaign will run from today until April 30 and will be supported by Safer Roads Humber. To keep up to date with the campaign you can follow Humberside Police Roads Policing team on twitter @humberbeatroads, hashtag #speedsakiller.