Police chiefs stand firm over South Yorkshire station closure in face of campaign to reopen it

Dinnington Police Station.Dinnington Police Station.
Dinnington Police Station.
Police chiefs have stood by their decision to close a South Yorkshire cop station despite mounting calls for them to reopen it.

South Yorkshire Police revealed plans last year to close down and sell off Dinnington Police Station as it 'hasn't been used as such for years' and would save the force £12, 000 annually.

But an online campaign has been launched calling for it to be reopened and has been backed by nearly 800 people.

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Tim Wells.Tim Wells.
Tim Wells.

Despite this, Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner, said it will remain closed and blamed Government funding cuts for having to reduce staffing levels.

He said funding from Government "is reduced each year" and since 2010 the force has lost more than 500 officers.

Dr Billings added: "In the coming year we hope to hold numbers at present levels. Dinnington police station has been closed to the public for nearly 15 years.

"Money is better spent now on officers and police community support officers rather than buildings.

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Dr Alan Billings.Dr Alan Billings.
Dr Alan Billings.

“Dinnington needs a good neighbourhood police service and means of local contact. The Rotherham district commander, chief superintendent Rob Odell, has given assurances that this is currently under consideration.

"In the meantime two additional officers have been deployed to the area covering Dinnington.”

Dinnignton man Tim Wells, who launched the petition at change.org, said earlier this week: "Since the closure of the station, crime appears to have increased."

He added Dinnington and Anston is a community of 25,000 people which should be served by about 25 officers.

Once the petition reaches the 1000 target, campaigners still intend to present it to police chiefs.