Police call for changes to working lives to improve morale

Officers within Humberside Police have called for changes to their working lives to help make a positive impact upon morale and overall satisfaction.


This information was revealed in the Police Federation report which was released last week, highlighting a range of issues that forces are dealing with across the country.

In response to the report, Humberside’s Detective Chief Constable Andy McDyer said: “We know about the changing nature of crime, with new areas such as cyber-crime increasing hugely in the past few years. There has also been a well-documented national increase in calls for service. Both of these issues have impacted on workloads and are set against a backdrop of reductions in numbers of police.

“However, despite this challenging context, there are things that we can do to help our people and to positively impact upon morale, work-life balance and overall satisfaction within Humberside Police.

“Since his arrival in May, for example, our new Chief Constable, Lee Freeman has spent a huge amount of time in direct contact with officers on the front line, listening to them and hearing from them first-hand about what we can do to improve their situation.

“One example is that officers have consistently told us that the current shift patterns are at the centre of their problems with work-life balance and health and well-being – which are two of the biggest reasons for low morale, according to the survey. And so we’re listening to that and we’re working with those officers to devise a better shift pattern.

Overall, I feel that there is real optimism across the force, and whilst some of the issues highlighted in the report are very serious, we do have plans in place to address those things that we can address.”