Plans announced to fix nearly 5,000 potholes in Doncaster's roads

Nearly 5,000 potholes in Doncaster's roads are set to be fixed over the next 12 months, it was announced today.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 7:39 am
Pot holes and road maintenance on Seymour Street, Thornes.
Pot holes and road maintenance on Seymour Street, Thornes.

The borough is to be handed £250,000 for a 12 month programme of work which ministers claim will see 4,717 holes repaired.

It is money from a £250 million Pothole Action Fund included in last month’s Budget, which will fix over four million potholes nationally by 2020-21.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “I know how important well-maintained roads are to people across Yorkshire and The Humber. Almost every journey starts and ends on a local road, so the government is giving councils in the region £5.2 million specifically to tackle the blight of potholes in their area.

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“This is just one part of our unprecedented investment in local road maintenance over the next five years. We are giving a record £488 million to local authorities in the region that will support the Northern Powerhouse and improve journeys for all.”

Peter Dale, Doncaster Council’s Director of Regeneration and Environment, said earlier this year that it cost the council on average around £11 per pothole, although it could be more or less depending on how many it filled within an area at one time.

He said: “To report a pothole please do so via the MyDoncaster app or call 01302 736000; we need to know the location as well as approximate size and depth of the hole.

“We aim to repair potholes within five working days of receiving reports.”

Residents were quick to highlight the roads which they see as being among the worst in Doncaster for pot holes, and reveal their own pot hole horror stories.

Lisa Bradley said: “There’s a side road in Warmsworth just before you get to main lights I did a u-turn in there and my tyre went pop. Apparently it’s up to residents to sort that road.

Julie Sykes said: “The roads in Doncaster are atrocious. Got a ripped tyre and damaged wheel just this last week. I know its the pot holes as I know I haven’t hit a curb or anything but how do I prove it and claim from the council? Annoying to say the very least.”

Natalie Bridget said Droversdale road in Bircotes was in a bad state. It is in neighbouring Bassetlaw. She said: “Council come and dump tarmac, wack it down with a spade. Then a few days later....all the tarmac has come out and back to square one.”

Gary Jackson said he didn’t think Doncaster was that bad. He said: “Try driving to Sheffield every day, you soon realise which place has the worst potholes.”

Leiah-Marie Herring said: “Everingham Road in Cantley is unreal! I have a slipped disc and its agony going down that road in the car!

Jen Sables said: “The trim on my wing fell off my car from a pot hole in Bentley. Went to take photos to claim off the council and you could see it was an actual hole into the sewerage system. The council refused to pay out any compo. They said it was fine on their last inspection so they wouldn’t do anything about it.

Aubrey Moore Cockhill Feld Lane, in Braithwell, was a bad road for pot holes. She said: “its terrible, no tarmac left on it.

Stacey Weatherley said Cross Bank in Balby was in a bad state. She said: “Quiet street but can hear every time cars and lorries go over it.”

Guddy Dunn said: “Just try driving around Stainforth and your car will be bouncing all the way. Pot holes everywhere, What’s happening to the money from road tax?

Terry Anne Rowland said: “Most of Rossington roads are appalling. I ride a bike and I am always afraid of hitting a pothole and coming off it.”

Rose-Marie Elliott agreed. She said: “Really bad in Rossington! Not one road that doesn’t have one!”

But Hannah Louise Honeybone said: “I thought they were atrocious in Donny.. Then I moved to Huddersfield. I swear that’s why my tired need pumping up every two minutes!”

Lucy Raybould said Broadway in Dunscroft got worse every day. Trevor Parsons agreed with her and described it as riddled with hundreds of potholes and botched and failed repairs.

Avenue Road Wheatley was raised as a bad road for pot holes by Pearl Locking.