Plan to deal with antisocial behaviour outside Doncaster shops

A bus shelter could be moved from its location near shops in a Doncaser village to try to deal with antisocial behaviour.

Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 9:44 am
Concerns have been raised about nuisance behaviour on King Avenue in Rossington

Police have suggested shifting the shelter from its current position on King Avenue, because of concerns over people gathering there and causing a nuisance to others.

Inspector Mark Payling said: “In recent months we have received a number of complaints relating to antisocial behaviour in and around the bus stop on King Avenue, Rossington. To address these issues and to identify an effective resolution, we have been working closely with the council and local authorities to submit a proposal to move its location.

“The proposal to move the bus stop away from a high footfall area will prevent members of the public gathering around the bus stop and causing distribution.

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“We will always work to identify and implement solutions to tackle local problems and I hope this action highlights our continued commitment to achieve this.”

But there is concern that the shift will leave people with longer to walk to use the shops.

Chairman of Rossington Parish Council, Ali Harper. said: "There have been a few shop owners saying that there has been a problem with kids hanging around the shops. Police have suggested that the bus stop is moved at King Avenue, and they have asked what we think about it.

"We had it put there in the first place so that it was closer to the shops for older people, it was put there because it was convenient.

"Personally, my feeling is that moving the bus stop is not the solution to the problem. It is not just that area that has antisocial behaviour.

"I personally think the solution is to have a youth club that's open five nights a week so that they have somewhere else to go."