The places where Doncaster couples are most likely to have sex faster after meeting

People from Doncaster who meet on holiday are most likely to have sex faster than those who meet in other situations, a new survey has said.

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 11:21 am
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 11:27 am
The places you are most likely to have sex faster after meeting have been revealed.

A study found that couples traditionally sleep together after an average of four dates.

But holidaymakers who get together while away will typically have sex on their second date - twice as fast as if they met each other at home.

The places you are most likely to have sex faster after meeting have been revealed.

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And if you meet a potential partner in a nightclub or bar you are likely to be having sex with them after 2.2 dates.

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If you meet someone on a dating website or app, a relationship is likely to be consumated after 2.5 dates.

The '˜three-date rule' is widely regarded as the optimum time you should wait to have sex to boost your chances of the relationship lasting.


1 Holiday romance - 2 dates

2 Meeting in a nightclub or bar - 2.2 dates

3 Dating website or app - 2.5 dates

4 Set up by friends - 3 dates

5 Blind date - 3.3 dates

6 Connecting with someone on social media - 4 dates

7 A chance encounter - 5 dates

8 Meeting through a hobby 5.5 dates

9 The gym - 6 dates

10 Meeting your partner at work - 7 dates

If you meet someone at work, sex does not occur until the seventh date on average.

The delay here is because of couples' reluctance to get involved with someone in the workplace in case of career complications.

The results were revealed in a new survey of 1,000 people by , a dating website for married people.

It found that the average number of dates before sex in all types of dating was four. spokesman Christian Grant said: 'We have just had the hottest summer in more than 40 years and that has been reflected on the dating scene.

'People have a real '˜seize the moment' attitude when they are away and they commit sexually far quicker than they would at home because they fear they may never get another chance to sleep with that person.

'Alcohol obviously boosts conversion rates for people who are meeting in nightclubs or bars.

'Dating websites and apps are great to way to connect with people quickly. They break the three-date rule because both parties have made a deliberate decision to seek a new partner and that leads to inevitable short-cuts in the route to the bedroom.

'Lots of people are also on dating sites purely to have casual sex which is why the conversion rate is so high.'